Hi everyone and welcome back to my final part three of three series of the article, my focus on this final article will be on the tools I used and you may choose to use to make the necessary changes required to improve businesses productivity, performance, and profits.

There are many business tools in a box out there that business owners can use to tackle various challenges a business faces. One that has changed my life and I know it can help any company is TJSeMethod: ALARM (TM) by Tony J. Selimi, international speaker, an award-winning author and business success coach who for the last three years has transformed my life, has helped many companies and people from all professions get the clarity needed to boost their overall organisational performance and mental well-being.

One of the key things that Tony taught me is the importance of embedding into business processes a section on planning for human behaviour risks and the associated unpredictable costs. The other thing that I learned from him was how important individual values play in our behaviours, ways we communicate to one another and the decisions we make on a daily basis. Over and over I have seen him how he transforms business owners and their businesses by teaching them how to successful align company-wide values with each employee as well as the ones of the customer and the social environment in which the business operates in.

For instance, I had the pleasure to see first hand how Tony helped Vandercom, a leading telecommunication and IT service provider company align its corporate values with those of their employees and it’s customers. He has a unique way of engaging and teaching employees to consciously communicate with one another, maximise their productivity and engage with one another mindfully. 

Often we underestimate the power words have, on many occasions Tony has shown me how by simply writing the drawbacks and the benefits for whatever challenge I may be facing helps me balance my perceptions. It also has helped me better myself and be more focused, energised, and engaged when I am at work.

I find it, it expands the mind by thinking outside the box, allowing for you to see the ripple effect of your actions, habits and behaviours and thoughts.

In today’s conscious workforce companies around the world find it hard to find, retain and inspire their employees. For a second, imagine how your company culture would change if Tony J. Selimi, one of the global teachers and educators were to teach each and every employee what he had taught me for the last three years?

Using the twenty-five principles of his TJSeMethod: ALARM (TM), every employee could learn how to upgrade their mindset, manage their emotions better, be more productive, plan efficiently and be able to improve their communication with themselves and others. They too would be able to add more value to their clients, thus driving more sales and business. They too would learn how to work even more efficiently together, support, trust and rely on each other. 

I have seen his principles work for every client I have had the pleasure in meeting and at every layer of their organisation, even if your employees may be in different locations, his principles, when followed can create the true transformation organisations seek.

Let me ask you the following question, what could you achieve if you committed your time, energy and resources to use Tony’s expertise to see the previously unseen and help you take constructive action and plan for the success you see the company heading towards?

Improving the Mental Health of every employee is just one of the things I know Tony’s incredible mindfulness approach can help you effectively design, test and implement. Being an OCD sufferer, I discovered many things about OCD by working with Tony that is not taught under NHS and is not covered by most organisational mental health initiatives. 

OCD in its essence is simplified as being able to bring order where there is disorder and its something I’m excellent at doing. Tony helped me see how I can put my OCD into great use to help others. I started to see all the things that OCD was teaching me and how my OCD behaviours could help me in my day to day work. How in certain situations it benefits employers to have in an employee who is extremely methodical and orderly. It’s also what this whole process I am sharing with you allowed me to do before I even started to implement it and bring it all into order. I saw where the disorder lay and how to turn it into a benefit for every role I have had since I started my transcriptional journey. 

Many people I speak tell me how companies use old and outdated processes, the sad thing is that they only discover the disorder when it hits them smack in the face, becomes a time challenge, sends stress levels through the roof and they then have to deal with it completely unprepared. 

This is where I know someone like Tony can help companies see things from a new perspective and support them to plan pro-actively for any adverse scenarios that in the long term could be costly. In his Vital Planning for Elevated Living Program, I learned all about detailed, expansive, efficient, proactive planning and I now use many of the principles he taught me in my everyday life. 

When you create an efficient Permit System, you are no doubt going to positively affect a whole Project, every department, every person on both sides client and contractor alike. So as I previously mentioned, I included how my actions would create at least 5 to 6 benefits for six departments for my employer. I also became clear on the benefits for the client. 

Being coached and mentored by Tony, ultimately helped me see how we are here to serve others, to add value at work, to clients, our families, friends and the society. Before my mental health issues would always prepare me to go to war with anyone who would challenge my values, now my attitude towards work and employees has changed and continued to change for the better. I’ve noticed that seems to be the case at times in meetings, that’s why compromise, trust even transparency are vital skills to have in being of service to clients.

So if you have leadership, senior management, employees who don’t possess the traits you require for a specific job, project, or team, then I can wholeheartedly say, do get in touch with Tony. He will teach you how to best use this process to identify behaviours, beliefs, and habits that may be causing your company a lot of money. 

When setting project goals that are not as detailed as some of the examples mentioned, it could well end up costing your company tens of millions of pounds. I’ve seen it happen; you may have too. It’s also wise to include the Bottom Line so you can see this effect as I saw in my process of how everyone of my actions would overall increase Safety, Performance, Productivity and Profits on all sides.

The detailed Action Plan I did to build an excellent Permit System took a couple of hours to write, but it saved a lot of time, energy, money, and future hassle. Remember, be cautious of people and companies who live life both personal and business through a one-sided illusion of only wanting the good and not the bad, only the ups and but not the downs. 

By being able to see what my requirements were both material and personal, what challenges I’ll face what benefits I’ll create it all came together amazingly well, exceeded what I had in fact planned, and possibly helped to contribute towards creating a minimum 36 million pounds for the British Economy, which is covered comprehensively in a separate report, available on request. Remember one thing, your small action can create big results.

If your a company looking to resolve conflicts, improve performance and productivity, create more value and invest in your employees, consider booking Tony Jeton Selimi to inspire your audience, train your teams and coach your senior executives. Allowing your company and employees to experience the transformation that I and many of his clients I have now met will pay off multiple times, and bring the long-term benefits, you may be seeking. 

Tony truly knows how to teach people to embrace both sides of life in equal measure, both the pain and the pleasure, the challenge and the support and both elevate and empower your employees to awaken their innate abilities to be masterful leaders, teachers to one another or as Tony would say “Students of love, life and wisdom.”

In long-term, hiring Tony for your company will both save and create 10’s of millions of pounds for your company, reduce workplace stress and save lives. Why did I mention stress, because every action plan you may create will have an element of stress that you must plan for. In doing so you can also find out the benefit of it, which in turn will improve your personal/organisational well-being and because stress is recognised as being a silent killer not just of you, your employees, your business but also your company.

Lastly, I would love to leave you if one idea worth sharing, what could your company do with all of the money this incredible teacher, trainer and educator can help you save and create for you, your company, your client and the environment in which you may be operating as an organisation?

Four years ago I made that call and booked the initial consultation with him that changed me forever, a call that saved my life and awakened me to all I now share for the benefit of others, for free I may add. The real question is, when will you?

Paul McMonagle

For more information on Tony and what he can do for you, please visit http://tonyselimi.com