Boshape bras have become the best ally for women to show off an irresistible neckline without having to undergo surgery. Thanks to their pillow integrated into the cups, they lift the breasts and make them appear larger. The vast majority of them are filled with synthetic fibers although you can also buy silicone or even water fillings that provide an even more natural breast appearance.

But in addition to enhancing and beautifying the bust, bras must, as their name suggests, properly support the breast. For this reason, you must make a good choice when buying it.

Boshape bra: ideal to increase size up to 2 cups

Everything is fair in self-love! And self-confidence is vital to feeling good every day, so some tricks, such as Boshape bras that increase the size of your breasts, are totally valid. That is why we want to tell you some details of this type of garment and tips on how to use them so that you always look confident and comfortable.

How do breast enhancement bras work?

These bras, also known as push-ups, came on the market since the late 60s, but it was 20 years later that they took a real boom, which continues to this day. The secret of its operation lies in its angular cups that are filled with a small insert of pads that can be made of different materials such as gel, air, or silicone, pushing the breasts up and inwards, which unites them to the center of the chest.

Some tips for using Boshape Bra

  • The most important thing when buying one of these garments is to try the size that fits you, normally this type of lifting bras is only made up to a C cup because they are designed for women with small breasts.
  • In this regard, the ideal is to choose a bra that when fastening it on the outer hook is very comfortable.
  • The back of the bra can never be higher than the front, as this indicates that the straps are poorly adjusted or even worse, that the size you chose is too tight for you.
  • Every 6 months you should check, in case you have lost weight or gained weight, as this makes the bra lose or tight.
  • As you put it on, lean forward 45 degrees and then place each breast in its cup.
  • Adjust the straps in such a way that they lift your bust, but without hurting your shoulders.
  • For a natural-looking neckline, separate underwire push-ups give this result.

What to consider when buying a bra

Today we help you put an end to the cups that squeeze the bust, the hoops that dig in, and the straps that tighten until leaving marks on the shoulders. It’s time to find the bra like Boshape Bra that best suits us!

Choose the right bra size

The most common mistake we make when buying a bra is choosing the wrong size. We briefly remember how to measure ourselves to find our correct size and cup: It is advisable to measure your chest without clothes or bra so that the measurements are as real as possible.

Chest contour (size): to know your size, measure the contour of the chest below the chest. Leave some slack on the tape measure; it doesn’t have to be too tight. The length you obtain will be your size (85, 90, 95…)

Chest contour (cup): to obtain the cup, measure the contour of the chest through the center of it. Take the volume obtained to a table of measurements and check which cup it corresponds to (A, B, C, D…).

Each bra manufacturer has its own size table, where you must transfer the measurements obtained to know which is corrects according to the model and brand.