After a few minutes of listening to media, or searching the internet- you may feel your energy change, or shift. Yes, this is real.

When reading, or listening to distrubing news, your emotions will take a little dive.

Pay attention to the feelings inside your body- they serve as a warning of what to avoid. All in moderation.

Let’s jump right into how to feel better; maintaining your balance in the midst of life.

  1. Take an assessment- what are you allowing into your mind and soul on a daily basis.
  2. Detox- remove unnecessary movement. Sometimes, we are simply doing to much.
  3. Replace old habits. Seek new- healthy hobbies, relationships and environments that inspire you.
  4. Add the necessary tools and resources for daily practice. This includes your favorite rituals: tea, journaling, walking, yoga and meditation.


Take a deep breath, and know at the end of each day- that you’ve done your absolute best.

Be Well,


Protect Your Energy