So often, I find myself between worlds. 
Sometimes it’s magical, and sometimes it’s lonely, agitating and frustrating. 

I know this place well, at one point I spent years within its womb, resisting its grip on my life. It was a space of remembering, unlearning, shedding, surrendering, dying and being reborn.

Having moved past that phase, I am now learning how to live from my body wisdom AND participate in this world without overwhelm. Yet every time I am making another leap, ascending to the next stage of my life, I find myself here again, in between worlds.

In these times, I keep breathing into the absolute truth that it’s in the humbling lap of the Divine where core and lasting reorganization happens. This is where the Beloved is rearranging what I must show up for, preparing me for my answered prayers. 

Trusting the timeline of my heart, cultivating my patience, and supporting myself through the process of living at my edge IS the practice. 
Because in this ‘in between space’ there is nothing known, only that from this chaos innovation will be birthed. 

So, if you find yourself in these spaces of initiation and challenge I want to remind you:
Breathe, don’t try to fix anything, but rather listen to what this phase has to say. Get the support you need, not to fix you or rush you out of this phase, but to guide you into deeper surrender when the resistance comes.

There is nothing wrong with you, this is the process of awakening. It’s from this very place that your own deeper wisdom is revealed, and it is here that Divine Guidance can truly be felt and anchored in the world. 

Things take the time they take, trust Divine timing, actively surrender to the resistance and show up moment to moment for the transmutation. It will be ok. Trust your unfolding.