Nader Sabry

Nader Sabry brings growth hacking to the table in the era of unblinking eyes watching “life hacks” and “how-to” videos for a quick fix to a button emergency. The author of the bestseller Ready, Set, Growth Hack: A beginner’s guide to growth hacking success is all set to revolutionize business with his insights, tools, and adroitness.

In an excerpt from the interview, Sabry talks about growth thinking, the growth hacking challenge, unicorn startups, and much more.

Your first book was a chef-d’œuvre of sorts. Tell us something about the book that followed? 

It’s called Growth thinking: think, design, growth hack – a designed approach to growth hacking. Statistically, less than one percent of businesses, companies, and startups enter the growth phase after the initial launch phase, but a systematic and creative approach to growth changes everything. Growth Thinking brings a new perspective, therefore, changing the way the organizations flourish. This book brings out insights on how to expand, both your horizontal and vertical horizons, exponentially. Filled with hacks based on my experiences in founding companies from start to exit, Growth Thinking lets the masses, with little to no knowledge, accelerate the growth of their organizations by ten times. Over the past 25 years, I’ve built and rebuilt the formulas of growth hacking and have helped startups raise more than $120 million, and now that the book is out, the secret to growth is out there too. Growth Thinking can be thought of as a beginner’s handbook to business-bloom.

What is the 10-day Growth Hacking Challenge? It sounds intriguing. 

It is a 10-day-3-hacks challenge that uses a designed methodology based on the growth hacks disclosed in the book (Growth Thinking). This challenge is designed to accelerate a mere entrepreneurial whim into action and growth in a wink. The challenge focuses on the contender’s active problem areas. Once identified, 3 growth hacks are implemented by each contender over 10 days for the rectification of these growth stunts. These hacks push the contenders out of their comfort zones and enable them to develop the required set of skills that gives flight to their businesses.

I have a few startup ideas myself. How can I participate?

This challenge is for CEOs, and leaders who are responsible for the growth of their organizations. You can get on board even if you are a Growth-Hack novice. We adopt a step-by-step approach that makes this a beginner’s friendly challenge. Although an open mindset towards new outlooks and a learner’s disposition is a must, anyone who has been running a licensed business for a year or more and is willing to overcome the hurdles obstructing growth can become a nominee. For the nominee to qualify as a contender, they must be nominated by either an existing contender or by someone who had taken the challenge in the past. As the founder, I have the power to decide the nominees and the contenders too, given that I find the passion, mission, and vision of the organization compelling. Startups and businesses would benefit immensely through participation since this challenge would work as a launchpad to a spurt growth. Unique growth hack resources and skill-building opportunities throughout the challenge set the contenders apart from the common crowd. This kind of training would amount up to $10,000 but the challenge lets the contenders get free access to the training. I’d be there too, to support them in all their endeavors. 

The words of an innovator of your stature would be helpful to budding entrepreneurs out there. What do you have to say for them?

I’ve worked as a strategist in NASA space technology but none of that compares to the joy that I get from helping young businesses grow and reach their full potential. I’ve come to realize that helping entrepreneurs turn their ventures into fortune 500 companies and unicorn startups is my destiny to be fulfilled. Even unicorns need wings and I’ve got them for everyone who aspires to fly. I’d suggest young, business minds to work with passion and always have a vision. They can always learn where to start by reading one of my books.

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