What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

The first thing that I do is put a cartridge in the Keurig. After that, I take a moment to go through my agenda for the day. Getting a boost to start the day and making sure that I am organized on what I need to do is very important.

What gives you energy?

Stress. Stress gets a bad reputation these days. What gives me energy isn’t the bad stress that comes with situations that I have no control over, but the good kind of stress, or sense of urgency that comes with trying to move forward on a project.

What daily habit or practice helps you thrive?

I tell myself to get moving. I always try to be moving forward in all aspects of my life. If you aren’t taking a step forward, “You’re not thriving”.

Name a book that changed your life.

The New Testament as it is much more humanistic. I am not a huge fan of the Old Testament with the beliefs such as “an eye for an eye” but I support the new covenant: “love one another, etc…

How do you deal with email?

I like to compartmentalize my emails into two categories. I then read and respond in that order which is: 1. that which is important vs. 2. that which is merely urgent.

You unexpectedly find 15 minutes in your day, what do you do with it?

I will usually plug another cartridge in the Keurig, I’ve really fallen in love with coffee recently, especially iced coffee. Then I would take a look at my IPhone messages; just so I can catch up on news that I missed throughout the day.

When was the last time you felt burned out and how did you overcome it?

My only experience being burnt out was after two years driving a destroyer on the North Atlantic during my time in the military. I was asked to go another 2 after that… I overcame it by saying NO, I need a cozy shore job for a while.

Share a quote that you love and that gives you strength or peace.

I really enjoy any one of the Eight Beatitudes. One saying we had in the Navy was: “Duty is the great business of a sea officer. All private considerations must give way to it, no matter how painful it may be”. This applies to any great responsibility that one has.

Tell us a little bit about what you are currently working on.

I’m currently working on a book called “How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce”. It’s really about how to “Bulletproof Your Marriage”. My mission is to reduce the dreadful divorce rates in America by 25% in the next 5 years. I’m very excited that we’re almost done with it. We recently just finalized the cover and are getting ready for print!

When and where can we expect the release of your new book?

My book is scheduled to be on Amazon by November 2018.

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  • Rachel Dares

    Former Newscaster, Columnist, Radio Personality & President of Rachel Dares PR

    Rachel Dares is a former newscaster turned Columnist, Radio Personality, Celebrity Publicist, and is the President of Rachel Dares PR. Rachel Dares PR is a Los Angeles based agency providing full-service PR marketing campaigns, in both the traditional and conventional methods for signed and independent artists, brands, entrepreneurs, actors, pro athletes, authors, speakers & influencers in every field. She is a Contributing Writer for some of the top online publications in North America. She's also one of the newest hosts of "The Next Big Thing Show" on 99.1 KLBP. Rachel is not only versed in publicity, her journalistic background as a former Feature Reporter and Newscaster gives her strength in the field of public relations and a deeper understanding of working with the media.