In Conversation with Samantina Zenon: 11 Ways to Embrace Self-love and Thank your Body

Being thankful to other people is something you learn at an early age. But how often do you thank yourself? Feeling self-esteem and thanking the body is a practice for well-being. Reveals the brilliance of our “attitude” about outfits and accessories.

Accepting and saying thank you to your body is one of the most important things you can do, especially when you are pursuing a life of wellness. This is not a naturally occurring habit, as society is constantly telling us to change to adapt to a socially accepted standard.

As an actress, model, style icon, digital creator, producer, and host, Samantina Zenon is committed to helping societal change expectations and making self-esteem and body acceptance a general concept. She remains an icon of beauty and has an eccentric style.

Zenon helps us understand certain lifestyle secrets that are astonishingly simple ways to be happier, feel gracious about yourself, and be accepting.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful way to focus on. When your life is stressful, or your mind is in a mad dash, you can always resort to meditation. It is also easy and possible for everyone because you can do it anywhere. All you have to do is find a quiet and comfortable space, close your eyes, and just breathe.

2. Conscious movement

Zenon shares: “Moving your body consciously is very different from exercising. It’s not about forcing yourself to do something you hate. It’s about tuning into your body and wondering what it needs. One of my favorite ways to move my body is to dance. I look at the sky above, the trees and the beauty that surrounds me. I am present and aware. I love how my body feels.”

Here is Zenon performing a few eccentric dance moves. She has also been browsing TikTok videos and pulling off some moves. You can check out more on her Instagram if you are looking for some inspiration.

Find a habit, an exercise, or ritual to move that makes both your body and mind feel good. Maybe a walk or a yoga class is what you are looking for, if you have not found your conscious movement of choice, keep looking. Because the best thing about finding it is that you can choose to do something you enjoy.

3. A good read

Finding a book (or books!) that talks about how to practice self-love is an extremely important part of maintaining the well-being of the mind. Go, get lost in a bookstore. Walk down the aisles of books, pick a title that inspires you, and start a positive change.

4. Explore psychology

Exploring psychology has myriad benefits. Not only it helps you understand why people behave the way they do, but it also makes you self-aware. Self-awareness is key to understanding yourself and making sound decisions in life.

5. Surround yourself with joy and happiness

Where do you spend most of your time? Is your desk at work? Is it your car? When you look around you, do you feel a burst of joy? If not, the next step is to start creating an environment that you like. It will not happen instantly, but gradually. The point is that you realize its importance and start somewhere.

Zenon inspires us from her own experience: “My favorite things to surround myself with nature, positive messages, pictures of the people I love, happy scents, essential oils, and my favorite music. It is an act of self-love when you turn your place into a comfortable environment full of the things that bring you joy.”

6. Ask for help

Self-love is asking for help. When you have difficulties, you will be surprised that many unexpected people want to be there for you. It can be difficult to be vulnerable and ask for help, but one of the best ways to get through a difficult time is to get the support you need.

It is good not to be good. The point is, you don’t have to go it alone. Asking for the support you need is a gift you can give yourself.

7. See a therapist

Zenon understands that there should not be any stigma around seeking therapy. It can help an individual in considerable ways. Seeking therapy for past and present can help you be happier and sustain peace of mind.

“I saw a therapist when I was in college for three years; it really changed my perspective about a lot of things. Such as the people that I choose to be around and to be conscious to know my triggers and how to deal with them.”

8. Find your happy place

About finding ways of happiness within your surroundings, Zenon shares what she likes to do. She says, “we should all have that place where we can go and feel blessed. When I need a stimulant or a place to rejuvenate my soul, I head down to the beach. My happy place is the beach. I truly feel peaceful there. The gush of winds, the song of seagulls, and basking in the sun – it’s truly remarkable. I love being at the beach because when you can smile just by looking around you, you are practicing self-love!

Think about where you like to go. Is it a walk on the beach? A meeting place with friends? To train? An art class? Self-love is about filling your own cup.

9. Slow down

We live in an environment that is going very fast. Permit yourself to slow down, enjoy special moments, and take care of yourself. Here are some different ways to slow down your daily life.

  • Eat slow. Every time you eat, be sure to sit without distraction. Be sure to chew slowly and savor what you are eating. This simple practice will make a change in how you feel in your body every day.
  • Breathe. During your day, take a couple of minutes just to breathe. Take ten deep breaths and breathe air into your body. Allow yourself to refocus and focus before continuing with your daily tasks.
  • Rest. If you can say that your body or mind is too exhausted, you must allow yourself to give your body and mind a break. Going to bed early without doing the dishes is fine. Skipping your workout or a task so you can get home early to eat on the couch is fine. It’s okay to let your body rest. After all, it is the container that transports us through every moment: it needs your attention and love. Rest your way will help you rejuvenate much faster and feel good in your body.

10. Talk to your reflection.

We are sure you look in the mirror every day. But for some people, it can be a very negative experience because of the cruel inner dialogue you hear every time. Do not just listen to those words. Instead, when you look in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say, “I love you.” Do it, even if you think it is crazy!

Internal dialogue has been proven to work. You can also put some notes on your mirror with positive and loving reminders. Waking up every day with a kind and loving message for you and your body will change the relationship you have with you most positively.

11. Keep a diary and write about things you’re grateful for

Having a morning and evening routine dedicated to gratitude is an amazing way to increase your self-esteem.

Keep a diary that you dedicate to things you are grateful for in life. When you wake up every morning and every night before bed, write down three things you are thankful for in the diary. It is a beautiful way to honor yourself and your life. It’s a perfect time to say thank you to your body!

To carry out…

Remember, self-love is a multifaceted concept. Like any other relationship in your life, the one you have with yourself requires nurturing, patience, and kindness. There are many ways to practice self-love, and these are just a few. Explore different methods to take care of yourself and find what makes you feel happy and healthy in your mind, body, and soul.

You can start with a simple “thank you.”