What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?
I think everyone goes to the bathroom first thing in the morning, which is no different for me. Then, I do between 100-200 push-ups every morning. It starts my day off with stretching and gets my blood flowing. It’s become a routine, even when I’m sick, it’s something that I have to do every day.

What gives you energy?
Martial arts. The Zen of martial arts, the meditation and the techniques I practice keep me energized throughout the day.

What’s your secret life hack?
Beautiful women, because women are like flowers, they bloom in every season. I like beautiful things and what keeps me going is youth. So between beautiful women and my children, that is my life hack.

Name a song that has changed your life?
It’s hard to pick just one song that has changed my life, so I’ll list three. First is, The Look of Love, by Burt Bacharach; the lyrics in it make me realize who I am when it comes to loving a woman. Second is, The James bond theme; it makes me feel like the Black Bond when I travel. Lastly, is the theme from Shaft for two reasons: one, it identifies the status of black men in America, and two, it was written by one of my close friends, Isaac Hayes.

You unexpectedly find 15 minutes in your day, what do you do with it?
I will usually find a place to meditate, or a moment to sing. These things help to balance me, it brings me back to the basics so I don’t get lost in the everyday shuffle of what’s going on: if I’m dealing with stressful business, it helps me de-stress.

When was the last time you felt burnt out and why?
I’ve never really felt burnt out. I’m energetic on every level. I keep life exciting. I have many things that keep me going: my children, like my 11 year old and karate keeps me from being burnt out: it keeps me going. I can’t afford to be burnt out because I have a 15 piece band that I constantly have to be working with. I sleep 3 hours a day and I’m up in the day working with my band or on the beach training.

Share a quote that gives you strength when times are tough.
“There are three P’s to success: patience, perseverance, and persistence” this was told to me from Marvin Gaye’s mouth straight to my ears. 

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