I hope you are staying safe and healthy.

I have been a reader of The Advocate for decades. I am thrilled and honored to introduce my new monthly column “In Gay We Trust.” For my first column, I wrote my commencement address for all queer college graduates.


My message to our young queer community is this, in this moment of despair and fear there is also opportunity. All our lives, queer people have had to create ourselves, create our lives, create our families, our communities, our own safe spaces. This period, where the world can be rebuilt anew, created again, was made for us queers. This is what we do. We aren’t wedded to what was, because what was had never been intended for us. Now, graduating queer students get to make a more just, more equitable world. They get to widen the margins so as to erase them. Creativity is the lifeblood of our lives and they can bring it to bear on the systemic problems that have been laid bare by this virus and deploy our greatest asset, empathy. Our world needs to heal and who better to lead that healing than us?

Here is a link to my column. Join me each month to find how, if we trust our gayness, it will provide. I look forward to hearing what you think.

All my love,

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  • Richie Jackson is the author of the book Gay Like Me published by HarperCollins, an opinion columnist for The Advocate, and an award-winning Broadway, television, and film producer who produced the Tony Award-nominated Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song on Broadway and executive produced Showtime’s Nurse Jackie (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee for “Best Comedy Series”) for seven seasons. As an alumnus of NYU, he endows a program at his alma mater to train the next generation of LGBTQ+ activists called the Richie Jackson LGBTQ+ Service Fellows. He and his husband, Jordan Roth, were honored with The Trevor Project’s Trevor Hero Award. They are the proud parents of two extraordinary sons.