Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

According to, harmony means agreement; accord; or a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.

One of the main reasons that we feel crumby in day-to-day life is that we are experiencing discord. We aren’t in harmony.

In harmony with what?

When you are not in harmony with your inner self, you experience feelings of discord. Those feelings may show up as guilt, jealousy, anxiety, or sadness. These “bad” feelings you experience are an indication of where you are in relation to your inner self. The farther you are from your inner self (who you REALLY are), the bigger those feelings may seem.

As you move closer to who you really are, you will begin to feel better and better. So, while you’re still not quite there, you may feel hopefulness instead of doubt.

When you get into harmony with your true self, you are “in the zone.” Like athletes and performers, you sync up with that inner truth of you and you experience feelings of joy and freedom.

Let me give you an example. I am a tidy person. I tend to pick up after myself and try to do things in trips. If I’m making a trip to the kitchen, I look around the room for any dishes or trash to take with me. If I see something downstairs that belongs upstairs, I place it on the stairs and then take it on my next trip up. My family (for the most part), however, will walk right over something on the stairs 10 times and never pick it up.

At one point, I became very resentful and angry that no one picked up after themselves without constant nagging. (I feel I should note here that all in my house are over 14 years and capable of picking up after themselves and I’ve never been the mom who does everything for them.) I even got to the point where I stopped picking up after myself more so than usual. All of this left me feeling lousy.

Then, I had a download of awareness one day and realized that I was projecting my desire for tidiness onto all of them, expecting them to also want to be tidy. In the meantime, I was so far out of whack from who I am that I felt awful.

So, I began keeping my home tidy to my liking and when the family leaves things lying around, I don’t expect them to want to be cleanly. I simply remind them with something like, “Before you go to bed, make sure that dish is put in the dishwasher” or “Before you head to work, throw your trash away.”

It put me back in harmony with who I truly am and I feel great about it! How cool is that? I am no longer weighed down by lousy feelings because they don’t want to be neat and tidy. It’s freedom.

The bonus side effect is that sometimes my family has started to clean up without prompting or offering unsolicited help, such as “I’m going upstairs. Where should I put this?” Wow! When I get into harmony, the ripple effect of that drifts onto those around me. I didn’t do it for that reason. I can’t because that never works anyway.

I’ve entered the zone. I am in the flow. Tuned in. I’m in harmony. From this place, the magic happens. It can happen for you, too. Magic is possible. Only it is not magic…it’s what reality is supposed to be. You’re intended to be in harmony, in flow, tuned in and experiencing joy and freedom. You’re intended to have the things you want in life (like me and a tidy house).

Everything you feel each day is simply feedback on your proximity to who you truly are. Pay attention to the feedback and make adjustments along the way, moving ever closer to feeling good and experiencing joy. When you experience “bad” feelings, do not move into judging yourself or becoming upset about the feelings. It’s like GPS guiding you toward your inner self. Simply observe the feelings and then look for a way to move toward better feelings. Moving toward better feelings might look like moving from guilt to frustration. Frustration is not “the best” feeling but it might feel better than guilt or despair. Every step you can take toward better feelings, is a step closer to being “in the zone.”