The womb we carry has embraced a thousand souls within, souls which have crossed generations into the world of spirit and those souls which have yet to be born. We do not just carry our own seeds to fertilize, we carry the seeds of many. The child that is borne unto us belongs as much to us as it does to each member of the ‘tribe’ we are connected with. We all become mothers, whether or not we actually have children in this lifetime. And we all are given the opportunity to impart the feminine aspects of the Divine in whichever ways we are called to serve. We all share the same mother, through lineages, parallel realities, prior incarnations, and the love of the Creator. The Divine Feminine is the most magical evolutionary aspect of the Creator, born to receive both God and Goddess, born to impart both God and Goddess in all realms of existence. We are the Sanctuary upon which the Divine rests and then when called to, pours forth into this wayward world seeds of healing and grace personified. We are truth embodied in Creation.

In honor of the Divine Feminine, may our wombs be joyous, peaceful and free.
And in honor of my own mother Marie, I couldn’t have asked for a better mother to nourish me in her womb and bring me into a world where I could love and be loved.