Thinking philosophically about Life, where Aristotle used to say that “Happiness depends upon ourselves” – Greek philosophers are always right to me- however, in times of needs (and also -no particular need) we need each other: to laugh, to make jokes, to share life situations, day-to-day experiences, travelings, talking about practicalities of life, sharing music, bodies, smiles. We all need it, we are human beings and we just need each other to be happy. Happier, Together.

I have a special relationship with Life. I smile and it smiles. I cry and I listen to the music. I share the music, i dance, i talk, and i start again. I wish to learn and give back to others. Existence is better when we can deliver something to others.

However, it also happens that your country is on shock, lock-down, people cannot move because there is a virus that spreads at the speed of life….and it kills many people, and you hear ambulances all day long. A country where libraries and universities are closing down, fearing the contagion. Museums and social activities (dances, languages courses) are closed for fear of the other. Of dying, of something that we do not know.

In this moment we need TECHNOLOGY, YES.

and we need FRIENDS. To keep in touch. To see that also, if we cannot touch and hug one another, we are still together. and we will always be.

From last night – when Italy was declared a red zone country for the coronavirus, I hardly slept. I received messages from friends from Nigeria, Japan, Iraq, US, Egypt, Switzerland, Senegal and me I was sending messages to my Italian friends and family members to see “how we guys are doing”– I love my friends, my country and my home now, Madagascar. I deeply thank my friend and colleague Ieja who this morning came to the office and showed so much empathy I wanted to cry. In the world, it is like we are far but we are close. I cannot physically be there, but I am always there with my thoughts. I do not know it is enough, but in this life, we need to try anyways.

What the Heart says, you should do it. Because tomorrow may not come. Courage is probably the most wonderful quality God has equipped us with. No fear, just smile and try. And never give up.

I am, because we are Together.

“Amour et Partage” – Love and Sharing, theme of International Women’s Day

Because I am still in love with you life, and i want to see you dancing again. We are Hopeful and we look ahead.

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