We have all been in isolation way before this time,we live isolated lives whether we are in a household of one or 4 people, we have been so caught up in the appearance of life and our interaction within it that we have almost forgotten what it means to share space with one another,we have been bypassing each other for way too long not really noticing ,not fully engaged ,not really listening .

As we got so caught up in me,myself and I and all the things that that meant and our input every day to the life we served that wasn’t really serving us we slipped further out of reach to those living alongside of us let alone the neighbour,the stranger or the one right before you in the street.

We have never been so together as we are right now, even in our own skin we are finding pieces of us awakening again the inner child has come out to play again, the forgotten artist ,singer, ballerina and pilot have found new expression through this experience.

Life always serves us and right now if we can seek to find the gifts in these moments you will discover so many ,this beautiful space to really breath in the breathtaking scenery of life, maybe actually watching a sunrise and feeling a part of it for the first time in along time we are being given the space and time to flow, to move gently through the passage of ourselves and how the self wants to speak to us now.

The new you that wants to emerge and become again in a new skin a new version born on the back of a breathless life into a life where we are truly breathing in each new moment as it passes us by.

That’s all we’ve ever really got isn’t it?

Tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us ,maybe we are being given a higher message to understand how important we are to each other and for each other,life always seems to rebalance and rebirth that’s nature she is constantly in death cycles,seasons and awakenings again nothing is ever truly lost to us not even in the death itself because love lives on inside our own hearts ,our memories and our joy once shared and truly lived.

So today find your heart cracking wide open? Join the club ! She is inviting you to breath again fully into life and love and all the in-between spaces that no life is ever wasted or living less than the version it truly came to be but to evolve into the breathtaking wonder and adventure of a life truly lived.

All love CHEAYA