In loving arms of the Beholder

The blanket of stars is covering me to night.

it’s been a little over a year, …

I still see that beautiful smile

The best one I have ever seen.

I know you are in the arms of the Beholder

Looking down on me and your brothers

I know you are safe and free of the pain that this world has brought.

Knowing you would give your last dime to help those in need.

Your friends knew how lucky they where to have you in their life

Cheering them up when they where down.

The Beholder is lucky to have a angel like you

But it doesn’t  stop me want you home

where u belong.

To have my home filled

with you and your brothers singing

Brother Love 

I miss you so much,

My son, my friend the one that listen and offer

Suggestion on how to solve my problems.

My beautiful boy,

I know your in a better place.

So if the Beholder every give you wings to fly

Come and see me.

Until then I will wait for the day

That the Beholder can hold me, you, and your brothers all together.

So Beholder take care of my precious treasure

for he is your until the day I come home.

I love you.

Your mom.

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