Meet Linda Mitchell

Founder, Partner & Director, LPN, LMT, BCTMB, and CranioSacral Therapist at The Tree of Health Center
I came across Linda when searching for extra business development work. I was just coming out of a year of great loss and struggling to find as much work as possible to keep my mind busy. When I met with Linda and her partner Debra Hollenrake at their center in Newton, NJ, I immediately felt an energy that reminded me of life before loss and was happy to enter. Although I was there for an interview, I was aware of the mindful presence of their healing energies. Whenever I come across healing sources that work, I always share them with my network of contacts throughout the world. There abilities are proven and if you need help with anything blocking you in your life, I direct you to  I was touched by Linda’s path to this purpose .

Linda was first inspired by her sister Mary Lou who died at the tender age of 6 from leukemia. It was this experience that led her into the field of healthcare; first as a Nurse, then into the world of Natural Medicine.

As a Visionary and Founder of The Tree of Health Center, Linda’s belief is that it is necessary to blend Natural and Modern Medicine. “One is not less important than the other” states Mitchell. 

Debra Hollenrake describes their healing abilities perfectly-“We are emotional
beings born to express ourselves through our perception of the world.
Frequently, however, negative energy gets stuck in our system and
prevents us from being the creators we were meant to be. These
modalities help you release that negative energy and give you tools to
use – on your own – to freely follow your dreams.”

Be Well