In today’s world, many of us are in search of our big impact, our true purpose, our legacy. In a time of social media, we are caught up in comparison and creating our highlight reel, scrambling for our big bang, our great purpose, our great contribution.

It is easy to get lost in going big, so much so that the “smaller” everyday moments may go unnoticed. These everyday moments that are the “small” yet big moments may very well be our everyday miracles that we will look back on and cherish: the way the clouds form, the way laughter feels, the touch of someone special.

In a year where we were placed on pause, we found beauty and pleasure in the “everyday”. Maybe recognizing that our “great” impact is in the everyday encounters, making those we meet smile and letting them naturally pay it forward, trusting in our ripple effect. May we witness the magic of everyday moments, and not simply witness them but sit in them, soak in them, drown in them and let it expand so much so that it is your entire life.

The magic is everywhere


  • Saara Ali


    Saara is a lawyer and writer based out of Dubai. She started writing in 2011 where she was moved to share the amazing work the foundation she was working at in Tanzania was doing. Her work has evolved and reveals her love for human connection, potential and the power of the written and spoken word. While fascinated by new cultures and languages, she is especially intrigued by the common thread that runs through us and the universal truths that bind us all.