Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years keep passing! After all, who has the power to stop the time anyways!

In earlier times at least we had a big calendar on the walls of our living rooms with some fancy lord Ganesha blessing us, or scenic nature calling us to attract our eyeballs to at least have a sense that we are running in which month and date. Important dates were circled, and notes were added there only. And if our near ones skip gifting that yearly masterpiece (yes the calendar), our moms really had a reason to become grouchy and grumpy. The most beautiful image in the calendar was shortlisted annually and kept aside to get the honor of ” framing” and become the highlighter of the aging walls (nearing to beg for a whitewash) of our houses.

Those were the times.. when people had some solace as compared to today’s never stopping crazy life where an iota of peace is hard to find!

Be it because of your professional commitments, personal obligations, or for that matter a “baraat”- wedding cavalcade crossing your house when you are just about to get that sleep orgasm. Even if you are lucky enough to escape that convoy (when it is not a wedding season), the dogs in your locality have all the legal rights to ensure that you struggle for a sound sleep. Ok, I missed the high rising residences, you might have the pleasure of escaping the stray dogs…!

Blessed are the ones who have some inherited genes of “Kumbhakarana from Ramayana”. Those are the ones who are your REAL competitors rather than your competing colleagues in your office. Why?? at least they get “a good sleep” in this bizarre world of technology, millennial’s and what not.

But we don’t introspect about how long it has been we have met our old friend over a cup of coffee or for that matter beer mugs colliding, how long it has been that we had those cousins;s crazy reunions, how long it has been we sat with our parents carefree, how long it has been that we played a match of cricket or ludo (an epic indoor), how long it has been we went for a pleasant drive with our soul mate ( talking about married people here;)

or how long it has been when we have slept with a carefree heart, body, mind, and soul?

No, we are more worried about which expensive mall we took our family too, which high end brands we bought, which overseas location we have finalized for a vacation, which new lounge we have on our list, which latest designer we have to talk about, which activity is left for the kids(after enrolling him/her with a dozen already) to get enrolled for a summer camp( poor kid has a stubborn routine in vacations too),which latest i phone we possess and the list goes on….After all, we have commitments towards Mark Zuckerberg ! Only checked in to loo is left to be explored by someone as an option at FB after hijacking the real you! (no offense to social media here anyways)

Most of the things we do are not for our real happiness but to compete with others or if i twist… to please others.

The real happiness can be a laughter remembering your fond memories,

The real happiness could be a draining yourself in a rain,

The real happiness could be hugging your mom,

The real happiness could be being a doppelganger with your kid,

The real happiness could be revisiting that joint where you spent hours chatting with your love,

The real happiness could be watching your favorite tom and jerry cartoon,

“The real happiness could be just being your own old self” !!

(Sorry i missed the real happiness for all ladies these days is “everyday attendance of their maids 🙂

I am not defying the fact that “you need money to run the show“. But a show could be a success if you are happy from within!! Remember those scratch cards we used to get with a washing powder pack or in our favourite potato chips packet….”scratch karo aur crorepati ban jao” / “Scratch karo inaam paao” types.

So, people scratch this materialistic happiness and get the real award of finding your own REAL happiness!!

Think of that calendar on the wall; it was a memoir hanged for the fundamental realization of the universal fact that “time is running and does not wait for anyone”! Stop running, hold, think, act and make your own self-accountable for your happiness before you get a grammy from others about your panoramic perpetuity.

Happiness is within you; one just needs that inner light to ignite it!