It’s common to hear about the powerful ripple effect of women when they venture into business. And that’s why supporting women entrepreneurs is more about changing the mindset of girls and women all around the world.  Of course, this is already yielding fruits with professions such as veterinary, once male-dominated, now transforming rapidly.

For many women in the veterinary industry, it is a common belief that you have to go out of your way if you’re to climb up the ladder.  Without surrounding yourself with strong female leaders and mentors, then you may never secure your place at the top, right?  However, this is not always the case as is evident with Dr. Jill Lopez, Vet Candy’s founder.

Dr. Jill Lopez is a phenomenon in the animal health industry, and her career is full of great ideas.  In her stint as a veterinarian (over the last 15 years), she has authorized dozens of scientific papers, helped detect new canine infectious disease in the US, and many more. For aspiring female veterinarians, she is a true embodiment of what they can become in a profession that was once male-dominated.

One of her best and brightest ideas, however, is Vet Candy.  With the majority of professionals in the veterinary world being women, the leadership is still mostly male, there was a need to find balance in the profession. That was her driving point to start Vet Candy and now empowers women in the veterinary industry.

Dr. Jill Lopez and Women Empowerment in the Veterinary Industry

Even though there is an influx in the number of females applying to join veterinary schools, things tend to be different in the workforce paradigm. Both male and female graduates want to enjoy a good work life balance, but find it difficult to do so.  Through Vet Candy, Dr. Lopez wants to make this a thing of the past by serving the veterinary community with a resource that helps with well-being and career advice.

Thanks to the platform, Lopez helps veterinary professionals understand that anyone can become a successful leader in the veterinary industry regardless of their gender, race, sexual preference, or geographical location. All this is possible as there are articles, podcasts, and continuing education programs to help provide support and inspiration.  Better, Lopez makes the learning process fun and allows veterinarians to enjoy their experiences.

Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine

For Dr. Lopez, it’s not enough that the paradigm is shifting in the veterinary profession, and more women can now secure their place at the top. In addition, she also wants to ensure they’re successful at it and keep their mental health in check. Mental health is precisely vital due to the high risk of compassion fatigue for people in the industry.

Issues with well-being in the profession start early, with a high number of veterinary students displaying clinical signs of depression in the first year. As a mother of three, she understands how hard it might get for women to cope up with work and life pressure. That’s why she has exciting programs offered through Vet Candy to help veterinarians avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. 

The Future of Women in Veterinary Medicine

So, what does the future have in store for female veterinarians? Although women have made bigger strides in recent years, there are still many concerns, including the growing problem of depression and suicide throughout the profession.  Worse, few female students graduate with the aspiration of ownership, possibly due to the heavy student loan debt they graduate with. No wonder continuous mentorship is an area of concern within the profession.

Dr. Lopez has not disappointed in this regard as she is a leader in creating a better and brighter future for those in the veterinary world. She continues to share knowledge and wealth in different fields to inspire and encourage female veterinarians to follow the same path. Through Vet Candy, she aims to accelerate a culture shift within the profession that supports diversity, inclusion, and gender balance.

Female entrepreneurs have an opportunity to be part of a movement that transforms the face of the veterinary profession. Besides, they can help the industry evolve into an empowering tool that can change their lives for the better. Of course, the success of women does not have to come at the expense of men since everyone must benefit from support, mentorship, and empowerment. This is why Vet Candy touches on a wide variety of topics, as well as different forms of media including, video shows and podcast programs.

The future of women in the veterinary profession is still bright, and Dr. Jill Lopez is a good example of what they can achieve. With determination and hard work, women can reach their goals and even take leadership positions in the veterinary industry.