Collective observances such as Easter, Passover and Ramadan can be powerful energy shifts for humanity. When millions of people all around the world engage in a single focus, the result is a force, like a current that moves the entire collective in the direction of the flow.  

Let us start to define the focus of each rite in our historical chronological order. Then we can identify the potential that these celebratory times offer us now.  

Passover commemorates God-given liberty from slavery.  The focus is to recognize that a loving power is greater than any force that tries to keep us in bondage.  Thus when we decide to trust in and follow love’s directives, we eventually find ourselves enjoying freedom. 

Practically speaking to each one of us today, as we identify all the situations that make us feel like slaves, we can apply the focus of Passover to bring liberation. Specifically, any circumstance, item or relationship that takes away our joy is what the all-powerful Source of Love will guide us away from into our “promise land flowing with milk and honey”, in other words, into experiencing life in joy and abundance. 

“How is this done?” may be the big question coming up for you now. Simply decide that you want liberation from any sense of bondage and, like the Israelites trailing Mosses, follow your guidance from the Source of Love. The caveat is having developed the ability to hear the guidance. My suggestion for developing that ability is to get quiet, breath deeply, focus on the sensation of your breath, then observe the thoughts and feelings that come to you. Ask from within your heart for guidance. Then pay attention to each piece of information that comes to you whether in the form of a lesson from nature, a conversation, a book, a YouTube video, or anything else that grabs your attention – even for a moment. (If you need a little jump-start, I offer a list of some resources below).

In line with the focus of Passover, Easter celebrates the liberation from death.  The millions of people around the world who celebrate Easter are focusing on how one man, Jesus, overcame death (our biggest fear of all). Those who celebrate do so because they believe they are part of that success.  The Christian religion teaches that because Jesus rose and overcame death, he is with us to overcome all our struggles, if we simply accept being in relationship with him. 

The challenge for some of us is to allow ourselves to live with the perspective that this man, who once demonstrated himself in a physical body, is still fully 100% present now – not just a historical figure from 2000 years ago. To believe Jesus is currently with us alive as much as any one person you see and feel in body is believing that Jesus overcame death. Then if you truly perceive Jesus as unaffected by death thus being as fully alive now as 2000 years ago, you, too, overcome the bondage of death. Your focus changes from avoiding death to creating and enjoying life. 

Similar to the guidance for the Passover focus on freedom, you simply need to decide that you want to inherit triumph over death to achieve it. You do not need to go to church, become baptized, tithe or follow any of the organizational rules (though you may choose to). Most importantly is your sincere decision to want to experience freedom from the bondage of the fear of death. Your choosing is asking; and asking sincerely is receiving. You may play with the concept of choosing, asking and receiving in little things to build your knowing and confidence in this principle. 

The newest of these collective celebrations is Ramadan. This fasting month is to honor the first revelation of the Quran received by Muhammad.  The focus of this time is on prayer, purification and good deeds – in a contemporary word, mindfulness. Prayer is sincere asking. Coupled with refraining from impurities, excess and all that distracts us from the truth/love within and around us, prayer helps us focus on what we really want to create and have. The flow of this energy is mindfulness, which is awareness that gives us freedom to see and choose what brings us joy and fulfillment – apart from old habits cycling us in misery. Once we perceive clearly, we can identify and practice good deeds. 

From Passover – experiencing liberation from bondage; to Easter – joining in the triumph over the death fear; to Ramadan – mindfulness to create new; humanity has the potential to formulate a new reality with the power of these focuses. 

If you choose to ride this current of potential, you may want to look at some of these resources below to assist you into Source of Love guidance.

 A Return to Love  by Marianne Williamson

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Making Love to God by Tina Louise Spalding

A Course of Miracles workbook (YouTube videos

A Course of Love (YouTube videos

Abraham Hicks YouTube videos (such as

Pamela Aaralyn YouTube videos (such as