COVID-19 has restructured life as we know it, forcing us to remain indoors for most of the day. As we work to socially distance and slow the spread, our once active lifestyles have become more sedentary, with a greater emphasis on working from home and from the computer. Although this newer development has been incredibly productive for many sectors, it has been less productive on our bodies. That’s why COVID-19 weight gain is a real, unfortunate phenomenon. 

Many studies have linked weight gain to depression, anxiety, and lack of energy, since how we feel about our appearance and our bodies has a direct impact on our mental mood and stability. Therefore, the weight gain side effect of the pandemic is making it hard for many people to stay happy and hopeful, despite recent announcements and advancements. 

But, COVID-19 weight gain doesn’t have to stick, says personal trainer and kinesiologist: Annie Angioli. As a practicing trainer in Vancouver British Columbia, Angioli has worked with a wide variety of clients to help them address different health problems and weight gain in the midst of a pandemic. Throughout it all, she has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.

Angioli states that, “No one could have prepared us for social distancing at home, causing many individuals to give into the stress in the form of over-eating, increased alcohol consumption and an increase of sedentary behaviour. All of these aforementioned factors relate to a decrease in overall mental and physical wellbeing. I am here to show everyone through my training philosophy of ‘moving with purpose’ that they can work in a personalized health program that is complementary to their lives today.”

Moving with Purpose

Angioli understands there needs to be a foundation and a purpose behind one’s health journey, which is why she provides custom-tailored programs that work in tandem with the overall function of the human body. She asks every client about their personal goals and helps them to surpass their ideas of health along the way. Believing that everyone can train from a holistic viewpoint that includes not only physical, but also mental gains, Angioli’s ideology is rooted in helping clients maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-run.

“So many health programs are focused on short-term, fast gains that are impatient and most times, unsustainable,” said Angioli. “I work with people from the bottom up, addressing everything in their life that is causing a breakdown of health. This way, we can create a game plan that helps them maintain their perfect health level, even while working from home every day.”

Sowing the Seeds of Fitness Passion

No stranger to the world of fitness, Angioli grew up surrounded by fitness influences while she played a variety of sports and coached soccer at the varsity level. Boasting over 9-years of experience as a passionate trainer, Angioli has seen results in her clients in and outside of the gym. Believing that it’s never too late to put your health first, Angioli is encouraging everyone to start their own personal weight loss or fitness adventure today. 
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