Life is a combination of difficulties and ease. In other words, difficulties cannot exist without ease or ease cannot exist without difficulties. If difficulties are eradicated then easiness will die just like the heart if it stops pumping blood to the brain, the brain dies due to ischemia resulting in the death of an individual. So difficulties are needed to give life to easiness and easiness is needed to give life to difficulties. Similarly, if the difficulties are fostered and nurtured, easiness at the same time gets fostered and nurtured similar to that of symbiotic relationship between fungi and bacteria in which the fungi gives its dietary products to bacteria and bacteria gives certain dietary products for fungi in exchange and living together with oneness that is so strong and intimate. So, if the bacteria is been afflicted by any viruses or environmental threats, it is going to affect straight away the fungi as well. In sum, difficulties and ease are inseparable realities; which when co exist together is called life.

The solution to every difficulties in life, appear to us in the clothes of problems. Some fights against these problems, some are put down by these problems whereas some embraces these problems and finds in it solution, discovering the experience of easiness in life despite of difficulties outside. Whereas the former two only find easiness in life only when those difficulties move away from them, like the clouds of difficulties that shaded them from preventing sunlight entering their farm faded away after sometime. But the man who embraced difficulties wholeheartedly, are blessed with the intuitive insights and a state of mind to work mentally freely even in the midst of storms and clouds of difficulties and the other two groups halt their life for few moment worrying about their problems.

In three years, if there was two years of difficulties, the one who embraced those difficulties will give out the productivity of the whole three years as he has effectively utilized his full potential and time without being haunted by the difficulties that challenged him in the two years. But the other two groups gave only the productivity of one year even though they got three years to yield success in life. So the vital point in yielding success is the ability to embrace difficulties wholeheartedly. As this process of embracing difficulties opens up your inner eye to see things others cannot. The former two blames the problems for not getting any opportunities because of the random problems that strikes them constantly for those two years. But the one with insight was able to see a million of opportunities in the midst of two years filled difficulties.

There is definitely a reality in life in which opportunities club up during difficulties and opportunities disintegrates away while in times of ease. But at the same time our perception gets clouded inside by impossibilities, while having difficulties outside; thus making us deluded in believing that there is no opportunities despite of its abundance. Similarly our perception gets clouded by possibilities, while we have easiness outside; thus making us in a delusion that opportunities exist in abundance despite of its scarcity. This is the irony of life which demands us to trust in the promises of life. Only a man who trusts this promise of life wholeheartedly can dare to overcome the perception of impossibilities to see opportunities during difficulties.

Fall in love with life, for a mad lover will take any risks for the one whom he madly fall in love. This madness of love for life was the reason why the third man was able to tap into the opportunities that clubbed up together in abundance during time of difficulties. He was able to do so because he was able to clear the sky of his perception which was clouded by impossibilities. The other two people either blamed those impossibilities or were disappointed so badly by those clouds of impossibilities in the sky of their perception. Be like the third man, who when afflicted by the difficulties, embraced it and then cleared away the impossibilities that clouded his perception which gave him the insight to see all the hidden opportunities that were hidden deep and secured within the difficulties and then utilized it effectively and then yielded its results by perfectly utilizing the time without wasting a single moment of life in those difficult two years. Be not like the two men who were deluded by their perception clouded by impossibilities.

In times of difficulties, embrace your problems wholeheartedly and be different because a vast majority isn’t successful because they either blame or judge their problems or they even escape from their problems fearing to face them with courage. If you want to yield success and stand out of flocks of unsuccessful men and women, be different from them by daring yourself to face your problems and embracing them wholeheartedly to ignite the insight that brings you opportunities bypassing all the impossibilities that deludes you. Stand out bold my young soldier.