With the hustle and bustle of urban lives, most people forget to take a minute and break the chain of routine lives. Here are a few tips that will help you stay mindful every day.

1. Wake Up Mindfully:

Every morning is a new day to do something meaningful. We are tuned to run our days a certain way. Do not just wake up from bed in an auto-pilot mode. Take few deep breaths and analyze what you wish to achieve today. Appreciate the pleasantness of the day and start your day on a positive note.

2. Savor Every Bite of Your Meals:

We make the classic mistake of watching television and eating. This only makes us forget to enjoy the food, and we tend to overeat as we do not listen to our bodies. This will help you relish your food and appreciate what you eat.

3. Process Your Thoughts:

With all of us living such busy lives, it becomes tough for us to even find a minute to process our thoughts. Living mindful only means you take a minute to contemplate your life. It is important to take that break and break through the usual routine, to just take out a minute to process what you feel.

4. Give Back:

There is nothing more mindful than giving back to the less fortunate. Most of us complain about our tough lives, but we do not realize how there are less fortunate people around who live tougher lives. Being mindful of others is also an excellent way to incorporate it into your life.

5. Spend an Hour Gadget Free:

Can you contemplate spending an hour every day without using any gadgets? This can be tough for millennials as they have never gone a day without gadgets, be it smart TV or a smartphone. You can never be mindful if you cannot take your mind off your gadgets. Try to stay away from gadgets for an hour at least every day. This will help you get rid of the addiction and give you some time to just be by yourself and mindful of your thoughts.

6. Exercise Your Body:

Mindfulness does not just mean heeding to your thought process but also taking care of your physical body. You have to mindfully thank your body by giving it the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Go for a walk or better, join GymNation. Working out does not just help you stay physically fit but also releases happy hormones named endorphins, promoting a healthy mind.

7. Exercise Your Mind:

Not just your body, but also taking care of your mental health is important to promote mindfulness. Jot down your thoughts in a diary. Meditate to calm yourself and handle stress tactfully to be fit overall.

8. Go to Bed Mindfully:

Most of us just stream a movie or a series before we go to bed. Well, this is not being mindful as you do not take time to contemplate your day. Just before you sleep, just lay down and think about how your day went, the goods that happened, and what you have learned from it. This will only strengthen your positive affirmation for the next day to come.


  • Narendra Sharma

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