Tutu Helper gives you complete freedom from the Restrictions placed by Apple in their IOS devices. Apple’s Device is well known for their standards and Branding. People love to have an iPhone, but not at the cost of their freedom to enjoy everything they can do on an Android Devices. You may heard about the problems of downloading Tools, games and other useful apps in iPhone or other iDevices. Also you have to Pay for the some Useful Apps, if you want to download it.

Personal Experience

I work online as a freelancer on many Freelancing sites, and i do not feel to that having iPhone is good for me, that does not means that i did not love it. This is because, the Application version of these freelancing sites are not available on IOS device. Despite of this, also there are many other useful applications i need for my work like content writing tools, photo editing apps and such other applications, i want to have in my phone but it is not accessible on apple app store or i have to pay extra money for Downloading it in my iPhone. i literally do not owned the iPhone because of these restrictions. But these things are Changed now. After Downloading and Installing Tutu Helper Application i am allowed to Download apps for free, and also can download the apps that is not available in Apple store.

What is Tutu Helper and why it is famous among iPhone users?

Tutu Helper is basically a App installer, which gives you setup to download and Install the Application, tool or game that is not Available for iPhone in Apple App store. It is safe and legal to use, you do not have to confuse about it. Tutu Helper is a most convenient way to download any application, hacked version of games and many more with extra features. The best part of this that it doesn’t even matter which IOS version you are using. It allows you to download even the cracked apps and Hacked versions of games in your iDevice. There are many Factors that make Tutu Helper the best and Popular Jailbreaking alternatives among iPhone Users.

  • It is completely safe and Legal to use Tutu Helper all over the world.
  • It is easy to Download, Install and use Tutu Helper, also you can remove it easily if you want.
  • It is the fastest among all other alternatives and will never stuck while using.
  • You can search any apps with name and download it for free in few simple clicks.

Tutu helper app is available in two versions, Free and paid both. you can simply use the free version and explore the new experience of having iPhone. Later, you can move on to VIP paid version for better Experiences.


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