The world is loud. There is so much noise that it deafens our senses and makes listening to people in our lives more challenging than ever. Phones vibrating, advertisements everywhere, people chatting, and ruminating thoughts make our brains completely chaotic.

Noise is not only audible, but also visual and mental. Here are some ways you can turn down the volume in your life to turn up the quality.


Background noise. Turn off the television! If no one is watching it, turn it off. You don’t need to hear mattress advertisements on repeat.

Family Activities. Choose these wisely. For example, my husband and I are low key. We do not like malls or overstimulating atmospheres, so we don’t choose to frequent them. I go to malls so little, that when I do I have physical symptoms like headaches and nausea. I am not used to so much stimuli at once.

If those places make me feel that way, think of how a child feels. Can you imagine trying to take in the newness of the world with one million smells, lights and sounds coming at you at once?

That has the makings of a meltdown written all over it. Meltdowns stress you out, and they stress out your children. So, take steps to reduce the cocktail of over stimulation that produces them.

We love children’s museums, playgrounds, nature walks, and music classes. Kids are simple, you don’t have to go big. They really just want to be with you.


Clutter. This one is the easiest to fix. It is scientifically proven that the more clutter you have in your home, the more stressed you are. When you see clutter, your to-do list piles higher like that load of laundry in the corner, and your mental noise goes through the roof.

Colors and Art. Do you love everything on your walls? Consider hanging only the things you really love such as family photos or prints of your favorite paintings. When you enter the room, you will notice them and appreciate them. Could you add more later? Sure. But only if you really, really love it.

Neutral paint colors allow you to see what’s on your walls and appreciate it. I’m not saying your walls have to be white. There are many variations of grays and beige that are lovely. Think of a spa – light, airy and calming.

So, create that Pinterest board and make your home a mental sanctuary.


Food. Food and mental clarity the are intertwined.

Processed foods inhibit our ability to think clearly. When you eat whole foods, your mind’s eye is freed and you see the world differently. Pinterest is a great help in finding recipes made with whole foods that your family will love.

By changing your eating habits slightly, it will be easier for you to distinguish what is important. You can hush mental noise.

Rest. Breathe. Get enough sleep! It’s as simple as that. When you are well rested, you can tackle tasks with mental clarity instead of caffeinated fog.

Sitting down for one hour in a yoga class, or at home, or your car (done it) and simply breathing helps you manage your thoughts. It also makes you aware of how much mental noise is flooding your head.

Ever try meditation? It’s more challenging than lifting any amount of weight. Trust me. It dusts off the cobwebs and lets happy thoughts come through, but you have to practice!

Be Aware

Of course, to practice all of these things simultaneously is a stretch in today’s world. But if you can squeeze in one or two, you’ll be happier. Simply being aware of the noise is half the battle.

So go forth noise eliminator, let’s help make a quieter world.