Is this you:

– Are you sick and tired of having no money?

– Scrimping and saving?

– Not being able to afford to do the things that really make your heart sing?

– Or do you owe money and are you in debt?

So here is what I know. 

What you put your attention on, grows.

Let me explain…

I received a beautiful gift from a friend this Christmas. It is a Grass Head – an owl character that grows grass on its head when you water and nurture it. A fun and quirky gift. She is called Gracie.

If I left Gracie alone and didn’t do anything with her – her seeds wouldn’t sprout and the grass wouldn’t grow on her head.

But when I feed her and give her lots of attention, the seeds will sprout and she will have luscious locks.

The reason you are struggling with money is because you are not putting your attention on it.

Why not? 

There are 5 common reasons.

1. You have a negative relationship and money mindset. You associate money with frustration and lack. You created a story around it and developed beliefs and subconscious fears that now impact on how it flows or doesn’t flow into your life. ACTION: You need to change your conversation around money.

2. You are living in the past. You incurred debt and now associate it with struggle, pain and feel the shackles around your ankles. You are not seeing the blessings that you received or the positive impact it has had on you and your life. You are focused on the past, not the present. ACTION: You need to focus on the gifts your spending has brought into your life.

3. You have Ostrich Syndrome. You are hiding your head in the sand. You don’t want to face up to what is going on with your finances and not only that, you are not clear on the actual reality of your situation, as it stands right now in this moment. ACTION: You need to get clear. Razor sharp, super clear.

4. There are some leaks in your finances – like a drippy tap. The noise drives you insane but you can’t stop it. And if you cant stop it, you are going to drown. You really don’t want that. ACTION: You need to look at what those leaks are and stop them. Fast.

5. You are focusing on ways to increase your income based on what you already know. These ideas come from your ego – what you have tried and tested before. You are not seeing outside the box and looking at new ways to bring in income – from the clear, joyful space within you. ACTION: You need to look at new ways to increase your income.

Does this resonate with you? 

Let me know which of these is true for you. 

And, remember….

What you put your attention on, grows.