As a new business owner, you will have multiple tasks clamoring for your attention. Managing work can be challenging, especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship. Working smart is a much better solution than working hard. Use these tips to make your work easier and more enjoyable:

v Work only at your most productive time

There are certain times in the day when your productivity levels are at their highest. It’s important for you to use those times to get most of your work done. If you’re morning person, try to schedule your meetings in the morning. If you’re a night owl, let the number crunching happen at night.

v Document ideas as they come

You may lose a multi-million dollar idea because you were busy with another task. Don’t let the idea slide away from you. It’s better to write down any ideas that you have immediately as you have them so you don’t lose out on anything important.

v Multitasking is not the solution

Multitasking is useful only if you are an expert at doing everything perfectly while doing them simultaneously. It often results in your losing focus on your jobs and may result in a work of diminished quality. Instead, take time out to do each task individually.

v Learn to prioritize

Write down the list of tasks you need to get done. Identify critical tasks that absolutely must be completed the same day. Once you identify these tasks, focus on getting them done. Don’t worry about the other tasks. Remember that not all tasks are critical. Some can be pushed to another day.

v Breaking down tasks helps

Some tasks can be huge. While it is important to finish the task you start, don’t attempt to do so at a single stroke. Break down the task into smaller sub-tasks and focus on each task at a time. You’ll ensure that each stage of your work is performed perfectly.

v Schedule your email time

Your emails are going to take up the majority of your time. You may spend 2-3 hours every day just answering your emails. Instead of getting sidetracked by stray emails, why not schedule a specific time slot just to answer them? This way you won’t be distracted by other work and you can answer more emails in lesser time.

v Saying no is fine

Saying yes to every work request doesn’t make you a good entrepreneur. It will bog you down with unwanted work and will impact the quality of critical tasks. Say no to jobs that you can’t or don’t want to handle. It’s better in the long run.

v Work on your numbers daily

Keeping track of your accounts is extremely important. Spend at least a half hour every day on your accounts. While it may seem like a time-consuming task, working on your numbers every day is far better than facing the mountain of work that will pile up on your desk at the end of the week.