Happiness is everything

What is happiness?

Such a difficult question there, right? Well, I think I have an answer to that question.

But first, allow me share something small before we talk more about happiness.

During my early childhood years, life was fun. I mean, each day was stress-free. What mattered to me the most was my ‘play time’. I could play all day long, without having to worry about anything else around me.

Of course, other small stuff did bother me a bit, which is normal. But again, to me everything was fine, I was happy. Nothing seemed to bother me at all, except my playing time which I valued so much.

As I grew older, I began paying more attention to other people around me. Sadly, most of the time I found myself stressed up over petty things.

I was worrying too much. At times, I kept asking myself these unrealistic questions:

How do I look?

Am I cute enough?

How does society think of me?

What will I dress today?

This is where stress levels start to creep in. I then realized I was wasting too much time paying attention to unnecessary stuff.

Now combine that with other major issues like being broke and other family issues, your life hits a dead stop. At this juncture, it’s very much easier to develop suicidal thoughts. Yeah, it’s that serious.

Actually, If you are not careful, you may end up living in depression, which can ruin your life forever. Luckily, I was able to overcome depression. But it took some time.

Lilly Singh, ‘’A big part of depression is feeling really lonely, even if you’re in a room full of a million people.’’

Today, I am enjoying life once again. My happiness is back. I see things differently now. I love the life I live right now, because I don’t have to worry about anybody at all.

But again, how did I manage to overcome all these adversities?

Well, it’s all about having a positive mindset and learning to love yourself more.

So, what is happiness in the first place?

Happiness is the state of being content, cheerful, glad, well-being, jovial, being in good spirits and intensely joyful.

There you have it! The true meaning of happiness, as simple as that.

OK…Let me share some few tips that will help you boost your happiness forever.

Let’s get started…

Choose your friends wisely

Happy people laughing against white background

Friends are hard to please, no matter how hard you try. Listen, never put all your trust in friends. Believe me, I have been there before, I know how it feels to be betrayed by friends.

Nevertheless, that does not necessarily mean that you should not have friends. No! Actually, friends are fun to hang out with. Some friends can be quite helpful.

But make sure the kind of friends you have are people you can count on. Always stay away from negative people; that is so much important.

Learn to love yourself first

Love yourself first

You will never be happy if you don’t learn to love yourself first. Learn to appreciate what you have. We are all made differently. Therefore, trying to change the way you look or comparing yourself with other people won’t help at all.

I fail to understand how a person can afford to spend lots of money on reconstructive surgery trying to change the way he or she looks. Seriously?

Listen, you are beautiful just the way you are. Remember God created you that way and there is absolutely no way you can ever change that. After all, we can’t all be perfect.

Final Thoughts

We all want to have more happiness in our lives. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in awkward situations that make us not to be happy. Sometimes we may face obstacles or adversity, like having to work with workmates you do not like, or living in an unsafe neighborhood.

Such events can make us lose our happiness, which may affect our character. Going through difficult times can lead to negative thinking, which then leads to unhappiness. Actually, most people believe that happiness is only short-lived, which will soon change to something horrible.

For you to stay happy, you have to get rid of negative thoughts.