As a fiercely independent person throughout my life, it took me many lessons to learn that the balance between independence and the need to be dependent can be found in the glorious space of interdependence. That too much either way doesn’t reflect the homeostasis of our lives. But that space of interdependence doesn’t come from your community or family alone. It also comes from our relationship with God, and our ability to merge together with divine energy in co-creating our destiny, clearing our karma, and shedding our fears.

Interdependence with divine itself, or with any other person for that matter, is not the full story, either. It presumes a separation from others or from divine, which is not true. Proven in scientific circles the world over, we are all made up of the same energy. Our individual manifestation of our consciousness is unique, and all energy is not created equally in the vibration is resonates at, yes, as the higher you may transcend your self, the closer you fall into union with divine. Sublime union of love, and creation. Interdependence is merely an elevated experiential position one takes in order to achieve that goal of complete union with divine.

Though I thought of myself as independent; I have learned the purpose of life is not to be independent, do everything by yourself, or build on the accolades of that, but instead to understand through our individual will and creative power, we should co-connect, and interdependently call upon God’s grace to propel us forward to our destiny. That through interdependence on God’s divine energy, we can rise higher towards the place of absolute union, of oneness beyond dependence or independence, one of love.

This is not to undermine the innate responsibility we have in disassociating, and being independent of lies and falsehoods that perpetuate our main stream culture, because we must do that in order to stop perpetuating the cycles of pain, and create the space for interdependence, i.e. good works. From my perspective, as a vegan, the first place to look deeply into this is the manner of agricultural breeding and inhumane treatment of animals in your food (et al) supply.

So on this independence day, I wish you the glory of co-creating with God source and being interdependent in your own right with it, with the intention of achieving oneness with it. Of shedding the delusions of lack, the fallacy of disempowerment and step into the glory of the light. The space of creation, the place of divine encouragement and support, and ultimately the evolution of your consciousness.

**And if you are struggling with gaining independence from a love relationship, have a watch of my poetry video detailing my own journey of independence from a love relationship.. it is deep. [ ]


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