Since my book “Be Careful What You Wish For” released this past October, I have received plenty of book reviews and emails sharing the depth by which readers are being touched by a story so deeply personal to me.  After all, it is based upon my own life of which I took enormous risk in sharing. 

In any event, the snippets I have shared of these reviews and emails during my regular Tuesday morning posts do not do the totality of them justice.  They capture just a glimpse of what these generous individuals responses are saying.  And so I wanted to share more, respectfully and appreciatively.  I will be doing so every Friday going forward through a dedicated post to
“Be Careful What You Wish For” and the words of those who have read it.

I begin with Neelam Sharma, founder of one of the most popular entertainment and book blogs called Booxoul in India (among the top three according to Feedspot).  Since Neelam posted the following Instagram review, the wave of Indian readers and reviewers has been enormous.  Hence, expect many more of these lovely posts arriving from that side of the world in the future.  For now, I leave you with Neelam’s thoughts, which call for more barely before the book has cooled from leaving the printing press, so to speak.  No small wonder that the book is up for its first award:

Review of Be Careful What You Wish For by Laura Wellington⁣
I finished Be Careful What you Wish For by Laura J. Wellington and what a ride it was! I don’t have a single regret.⁣

The book starts with Evie, our protagonist, narrating her life story to a lady named Debra. Who is Debra, you might ask? Well, that is revealed at the very end and I clearly don’t have any intention of spoiling it before. Evie’s story unfolds slowly, with her meeting her soulmate at a party, marrying him, having a big family and then something devastating. Really devastating. Again, I can’t give out more details about it because all of us hate spoilers.⁣

The book is about true love; love beyond anything. It is about family; the topic that touches me the most. The storyline was amazing and I loved the characters. To be honest, I did not like the cover when I first saw it; and started the book wearily. But the story turned out to be totally different. An amazing one!⁣

All I have to complain about is the bit lengthy first half and an abrupt ending. It ended almost suddenly, when I was having so much fun reading it. Anyways, the book says ‘To be Continued’ on the last page, and I am excited about what happens next! I wish the author all the very best for her⁣.