Om Bhosale

Om Bhosale admires MS Dhoni. He had an interaction with Ms dhoni during his zonal camp. According to him, whatever he learned during the interaction with MS dhoni, he implements those things in his game and it has really helped him alot. After playing the Ranji Trophy Om Bhosale  is looking forward to playing for IPL and India Team .

Dreams and aspirations know no boundaries. Dreamers have surpassed borders of limited means to achieving ultimate goals in their life. At a time when cricket pundits are Shocking  after watching the immensely talented Pune based cricketer Om Bhosale .

We all human beings expect a healthy life because a healthy life is key to all happiness. It is only through physical and mental well-being that we can aspire to a healthy life. One of the most effective ways to achieve physical and mental well-being is sports undoubtedly. Sport is an eternal source of endless joy. It is through this joy that the mind and character of the human being arise. This character is the key to success in the struggle for future life. That’s Why Sports is Important in our Life says, Om.

Unlike other forms of exercise, sport is necessarily social. Even when you’re playing a solo sport, you’ll have a competitor, coach, and referee to interact with.  For many people in the modern world, social interaction is lacking. Sport could be you’re way into making friends and reaping all the benefits that come with that.

Om Bhosale played cricket professionally for the first time at Dilip Vengsarkar Cricket Academy, and he got a kick start when he was selected in the state cricket team in Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA). He was appointed at the captain of the state at under-16 level. Later, he played in under-19 and under-23 state teams. He was also the captain of the west zone. He got selected for Asia Challenger Trophy and was the part of India blue team and was selector for under-19 world cup 20 squad.

After this performance, he was selected for the Ranji Team at the age of 18 against Karnataka, and the match was held at MCA stadium, Pune. He is also associated with the company Oil and Natural Gas (ONGC); as it is the corporate league for their team. He is been in BCCI circuit for last 4 yrs where he attended the national’s camps under the famous Indian cricketer, Rahul Dravid. His mom and dad played a major role in his life. He has always said that he is lucky to have them as his parents, and they have backed him in all situations. He feels lucky to have them.

Sport is certainly an excellent tool to build self-confidence. Playing Sports increases confidence to talk properly. A sport certainly improves the skills of communicating with others. Furthermore, the person experiences confidence in sitting, standing, and walking properly. Hence, Sports enriches the social life of an individual.

Sports bring discipline in life. It certainly teaches the values of dedication and patience. Sports also teach people how to handle failure. Furthermore, the importance of following a time schedule is also present in Sports says Bhosale.

Education is not just a promise of passing the test, not even a living thing, but the ground of mental exercise. At the touch of sports, education gets perfection, therefore, in the modern education system, sports draws more attention. If one of the goals of education is to develop a better life sense, then, the importance of sports is of paramount priority there quoted Om.