Now everyone is trying to grab a government job in India. Politicians make a false comment regarding jobs with our youth. But no one is taking positive steps in this case. People are unemployed or struggling to get a good job but did not get a desirable job.

Why everyone is rushing towards Government Sector??? Is it a very big issue to understand. No, not in India, where everyone is aware of this fact as every individual is facing the same problem. Same story of every second family in India. Don’t want to go for a private job or wishing for a job in Government Sector. 

The Reasons behind this are:

  1. Long Working Hours
  2. Lot of work
  3. Less Rest time
  4. Fewer Holidays
  5. Limited Salary
  6. No savings.  

These are few main problems which make everyone feel like to have a Government job. Private Jobs are becoming hectic day by day. Increasing stress & competition in our day to day life. Half of life is spent by a person in earning a small amount of money through a private job. A person always feels insecure about his job & even work when he or she is ill or in problems.

Two things which people forget while working in private jobs are:

  1. They are employees, not a labor
  2. Getting salary for their hard work, not getting it for free.

Yes, this is a wake-up call for my every friend or person who is reading this article. No one will be going to help you in this situation. You have to take steps on your own. Wherever you are working or who so ever you are you need to deal it by raising a voice in the right manner. Think about the positive situation that you can bring in the organization by your one fruitful step. And it may change lives of many in your surroundings. 

The most important thing that I want to highlight over here is no one is there to help you out over here. You have to help yourself. So don’t bear unnecessary patience & take the step that you are thinking off. Life is not about thinking but also implementing it. If you will not implement it today then same may be faced by your next generation.

 Stop wishing start doing. Don’t limit yourself. Break the limits. You can bring a chance if you want then you can. Be positive & always motivate yourself. And raise your voice together.

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