by Laura Cadieu

Indigo Child is a term I never knew could make so much sense to me.  I’ve often wondered why I consider myself to be “different”. Now I know why!

Apparently, there are 17 traits to knowing if you are an Indigo Child. In an article in https://LonerWolf.com they outline these traits. https://lonerwolf.com/indigo-child/. I see how much these traits apply to me. 

What about you?  Do you believe you are truth seeker, intuitive, creative, and struggle with existential angst?

In this era of “Social Distancing” you may have found you have more time for introspection.  Perhaps you may have discovered new things about yourself that you had never taken the time to discover before.  You may have had a breakthrough and found a “new” YOU. 

When you aren’t bound by others and seeking constant connection you may find how much your alone time is precious to connecting with your highest self.

It is invaluable to take time to be in the moment.  In my published poem “Awake in The Present”, I believe I discovered this for myself over twenty years ago. 


(ISBN 978-1-61936-021-1) Stars in Our Hearts pg. 80

This is the moment, the time to be awake, to live and let live.  This is the moment for sharing and laughter and taking the time to give.  To be experiencing the here and now is freeing to the soul, for our futures are yet to be decided and our past will soon be old.  Experiences and memories are consciously chosen for if not embraced, even the most valuable, the present, will too indeed be erased.

There is an app called “Calm” and in their commercials there is no speaking, just the sound of rain.  Every time it comes on television, I take the 15 seconds to stop what I am doing to listen and breathe in and out. Wouldn’t be wonderful if after the Pandemic Surge is over, we would take the time to stop and go within more often?

The Covid Virus has undeniably been a horrible tragedy which has come with a silver lining; some invaluable space for us to take our time and stop rushing.  In my favorite musical “RENT”, Jonathon Larson he wrote about 525,600 minutes in a year. 

Imagine if you started today to make those minutes really count?

Our physical, mental, spiritual and financial health are so integral to a quality life. After this crisis subsides, perhaps a year from now you will have accomplished the things you never believed you had the time to before and really discover all the impacts of a healthy you.

I know how important it is to me to find deeper spiritual connection.  As a free spirit I honor my creative expression.  Let’s encourage others to rise and find their inner voice. And, if you identify with the traits of an indigo child you be here too so we can provoke change. 

Hopefully, our World will be better for it in the future.