The Olympic Games were the dream to work towards for me. The London Games were the first time it became a consideration in my career. Realistic? No, not in my opinion. A decade later I am working towards Olympic Qualification. And this time I do dare to belief.

I am a coach. I am an achiever. I am a team player. 
The desire to define what I am resulted in a journey which took me to another continent than where I started. I have embraced individuality since a very young age. However, it was like carrying a burden for the most. Constantly aspiring to be someone else can be damaging, and it may cause losing track of who you really are. People are designed differently, with different genes, personalities and talents. The ‘FOMO’ gene I’ve missed out on – However, the desire to be authentic and extraordinary led to an endless search for … Undefined answers to unknown questions.

I am charming. I am trusting. I am sociable.
The need for social relationships was never prioritised. However, I couldn’t be more a ‘peoples-person’. The ingrained work ethic to get the, or any, job done have dominated my life choices. It brought me to where I am today, and it costs me. Working with others is a treat which was shaped through high performance team sport and my natural preferences. Environments tends to ignite behaviour and beliefs, right? 

I belief in individuality.
In the high-performance environments we tend to compare ourselves with others every single day. The strive for excellence implies a constant assessment in various areas. Statements like ‘I’m not good enough’ are poison for one that matters in life. Be the best version of yourself, and not a version of somebody else. It takes courage to coach athletes to embrace their individuality amongst others in their team. Only when they can embrace themselves, they can empower others to the fullest.

I belief in me. 
And I dare to say this perhaps for the first time ever. 
Under stress, I can be perceived as overly optimistic. Pushing for my own way without too much considerations of others. Perhaps even ignoring the rules. Flip the perspective (and welcome to my world) … Under stress, I still the possibilities and am daring to take the risk because if the win becomes reality, we’ve made it. Correct, ‘we’. Rules can be perceived in various ways, and they can have a different meaning in various contexts. When I can get the job done, or more so, can others grow or achieve by stretching the rules, am I breaking them? Or do I actually find loopholes in the system, or more likely, opportunities available? And lastly, I prioritise others over my own. My way is a blind loyalty to commitments and existing trust.

Perceptions are relative to the individual, shaped through backgrounds and influenced by environments. Perception can be designed, manipulated and changed. I choose to invest in the latter option – No longer I wanted to live with emotional detachment. No longer I wanted to feel constantly on the run. I want to know what I am hunting after which I’ll share my prey. Before going out again for more. 
There is always more to learn and lead.

In the lead up to Tokyo 202One blogs will be released every fortnight. Margo works as national coach for the Australian Beach Volleyball Team to Tokyo 202One. Margo strives to take others where they can’t go alone (yet) –  Sharing lessons from her background to empower and inspire others.

Margo. Individuality -and high performance coach (The Coachlife Company, Integrus, SloCoach).