Challenges are part of life, like salt in the soup. Without them, life would be boring and boring. For many people, it is actually because they do not face their personal challenges. Here are 3 basic tips for more courage.

Instead of referring to the courage as a resource that we make use of from time to time, we have to allow it to feed our choices and blend into our lives. That option is up to us. When we lean on courage, we make powerful decisions to our advantage.

The courage involves risks and more specifically deciding to drop the mask of the past, leaving the victim’s mindset and trusting in existence starting today.

Transform Your Self-image To Rediscover Indomitable Courage

Our search for courage is always an indicator that we are trying to establish a connection with the limitless power that lies beneath a surface of our conscious mind. That power is in the hands of our inner warrior; the aspect of ourselves that does not fear the failure, setback or disapproval of others.

Most of us already know the pains we carry, we are familiar with the carapace we use to protect ourselves, we are aware that we are mentally blocked in certain areas of life and unable to move.

However, we have to go all the way and confront our insecurities, fears and regrets to free ourselves from the ghosts of the past. As soon as we do, we will discover the inexhaustible source of courage that has always been there.

Fill up courage: the power of your thoughts

One of the most helpful ways of not giving too much space to fear is power over the mind. Learning the craft of meditation has helped me a lot in this way. Because with the attentive concentration on myself and my body, I don’t give room for negative thinking. Every challenge can be mastered more easily if we imagine the desired success beforehand. So here we use the power of positive thoughts to strengthen ourselves from within. So what does the “best case scenario” look like? You are welcome to write this down and repeat these thoughts daily to strengthen your mind and overwrite the negative programming in the subconscious.

Connect With Your Courage: Collect Successful Memories

We automatically become braver as we tackle challenging tasks. However, success only comes when we face the challenges. To make it easier for us to tackle challenges, we can divide them into small steps. The first step should only be so big that we dare to do it.

It can also help us to remember past experiences when we have shown courage. The feelings we had in these situations can be brought back to mind in an emergency to remind us of our courage. Everyone is brave inside. It is only the conditioning and the negative experiences from the past that nibble on his courage. That’s why I think everyone should deal with their personal courage. Because life is there to grow with the challenges.

I personally prefer to use the second step: stopping negative thinking and resting in myself. Of course, such competencies do not develop overnight, but after a few weeks of practice, it becomes a habit.

Reflect on the following points and you’ll find that you have much more courage than you perceive. Take ownership of it, feel it come and flood your body, your life and your destiny. Here’s your to do list to develop courage. It’s short and simple.

Memorable moments of orientation: make a list of the most memorable experiences you had when you felt united to a force, to an energy that seemed to you of divine origin.  What happened? What did you feel? Was it something different you heard, saw or felt?

The obstacles: is there a belief that leads you to not accept any kind of divine power? What keeps you from realizing your courage in the little things? Allow yourself to listen to those beliefs, behaviors, and denials that prevent you from welcoming genuine inner forces.

Make a list of seven occasions in your life where you have felt courage.