From our first breath we begin a journey in this world where everything wants our attention, everything wants our loyalty and during a long lifetime these constant and persuasive elements can shape the very fabric of our being, from the best aspects to potentially the worst.

Are we what we really should be or what we want to be or have we been doctored to such an extent that we are now simply media stooges following the rules set from others by sublimable frenzy.

From childhood we are a blank canvas, naturally it takes time to develop interests but those interests are now big business for multimillion dollar companies looking to influence our thoughts. We see it in cartoons, comic books, toys, candies, you name it and it’s there.

Sure many of these items from such a young age are harmless or at least that’s how they appear. We tend to be drawn to the ad campaigns and the flashy slogans and this in turn generates huge business to those companies. Nothing new there and it’s something we are all guilty of. 

Through the years as we get older we mature and our interests change, those hormonal teenage years kick in and we begin to form opinions based on our own struggles and joys in life. This can be a vital moment for companies, leaders and so on to really dig deep and ingrain specific opinions in to our DNA.  

This isn’t to be dismissive about the power of our own mind and it would be wrong to suggest that as humans we can’t form our own thoughts but as we are seeing in these current years more than ever and with the strength of social media we are more influenced than ever.

We have seen the catastrophic rise of the far right and in many ways the total intolerance of the left. For the most part we may find ourselves in the middle looking at both sides trying to form opinions but it only takes one person with significant views influenced by what they may have seen online to gain a new member.

Strength grows in numbers and all of a sudden we have a society totally divided almost unable nor willing to respect or tolerate each other’s opinion’s. Anger grows and has devastating effects on towns and cities and there seems almost no end in sight.

Our heads must be clear and our hearts open and we can only hope when the smoke clears and the dust settles humanity prevails. The mirrors between our heart and our mind must come together and the loud angry beating of the drums must be silenced if as a race we are to move forward and make the world we share one of peace and love, just how I believe we were intended to be. 

Luck to us all.