Well, it’s not a first-hand knack. Was already established during medieval ages and said by an Indian leader and many a times re-iterated and heard quoted by Internationally recognized legends –    Be the change you want to see.

In the modern world and today’s time we call it Influencing.

Meanwhile, the netizen generation of the world has many mediums to derive and draw Influence from, largely through the virtual world, I am here going to set a tone about human Influence, the real one, the deal maker.

Influencing as a catalyst to change has found a place as an essential skill set in human behaviour science.

If we make a dive into the ‘Why and What’ of Influence or put an emphasis on its importance, here is one key reason that summarise the reason and is-

Influence is a Change Agent

The WHY of it!

  • Humans are social beings and staying in connect with each other is one of the primal needs. Influencing brings the effect, act as a catalyst, and enables the change that you, me and we all talk about and in all good intentions want to witness. Merely staying on the course in not enough.
  • It affects the world we operate in, the lives we get in touch with, the people we communicate with and certainly exchange thoughts with.
  • Influence is a game changer. It helps in gaining perspective which sometimes remains a blind spot.

Influence is not preaching, its display through actions –

The HOW of it!

Let me explain it through an example

Consider this: If you have ever observed a toddler who is in the nascent stages of deriving his behavioral habits from the adults at house you would have noticed, He imitates the behavior adults exhibit, He recites the words he hears, He remembers and copy the actions he sees in his immediate surroundings. Needless mention, at his age and level of perceiving he doesn’t understand words fully and is forming his behavior and actions through what he sees and observes.

I am, by any way not trying to draw parallel to a kid and an adult human behaviour.

Psychology says – Humans to a large extent, perceive and form impressions through the visuals over hearing. They believe more on what they see albeit what they hear.

Influence is essentially speaking through one’s action and can be built through actions in display.