A world of injustice we live in,

A world of ugliness and hatred, we breathe in,

A world when some of us are born better than others,

Some of us born smarter than others,

Stronger, more beautiful, luckier, beloved, and not at all disrespected and trampled upon like animals in a nondescript herd.

Injustice reigns in our world, through silly and uncontrollable things,

Like the color of our skin, inherited through centuries and centuries of love-created offsprings,

Through geography and locations, themselves full of proud and patriotic histories.

Injustice abounds in this world where the love and hope of a supernatural deity

Can cause the death of so many and the powerful enmity of others.

Injustice abounds in this world, through the minds of animals of course, who merely seek their daily sustenance, through the whims of a nature that slams big waves unto slumbering and sleepy neighborhoods.

And, through the minds of mankind, male or female, young or old, through the guilty belief that those of us who are better, are simply so by the accident of geography, of hereditary genes and what religious majority we are lucky enough to live amongst.

Injustice runs rampant in this world, and all through nothing more than the seemingly random accident of our birth.