Do you find yourself wearing less makeup these days due to masks? Is outer beauty a thing of the past? Read on for 7 ways to enhance your inner beauty

Masks covering half of your face, makes you wonder does outer beauty really matter? Feeling trapped behind closed doors from too much quarantine? Depleted, no time for self-care; lacking confidence and feeling just all out of sorts? This pandemic brought about ample time to reflect and self evaluate, turning inward and challenging yourself in new ways. There is a basic need to realign internal emotions. This can help balance your inner beauty, that you never knew existed, and harmony to get your groove on again. Now, I am not talking beauty supplements, no this is deeper than that….it is the time to turn inward; In comes your energy wheels or your body chakras to the rescue! Energy wheels? Chakras? What the heck are they, you say?

Focal points of energy within each person; Tune into yourself to care for the true you.

Many are not aware, or close off their minds to such thoughts of energy centers because?

A- cannot see them,

B- it sounds so foreign,

C-we were never taught this.

D- All of the above

If you think about it for a minute. What makes the body tick? You say your heart, of course, the blood through your veins keep you alive. True, however, go a step further, what makes your heart pump? Interesting right? Answer: Energy, that’s what it boils down to essentially, ENERGY, makes you tick! NOW, lets talk about these energy centers.

There couldn’t be a better time to take care of you. Tap into the 7 chakra centers and feel closer to knowing the real beautiful you. Below are when the Chakras are “balanced”, which can help balance your inner beauty.

1- Root/Awaken (red) Chakra – become grounded, a solid foundation of confidence

2- Sacral/Creative center (orange) – stir up your inner genius, bring to life the things which were pushed aside

3- Solar Plexus/Energy (yellow)- recharge your battery, light the fire emerge strong and full of power to push boundaries

4-Heart/ Love & Joy (green) – focus on happiness, tune into the people who bring you joy, when we need it most

5- Throat/Expressive (blue) – speak the truth, spread the word and educate while building your confidence

6- Third Eye/ Imagine (indigo) – think of what could be. envision harmony and peace within

7- Crown/Relax (purple) – a state of relaxation and open spirituality, feeling full and content, connected to the world

Feel where you are off, and focus your attention on that area. ( has a quiz for those with curious minds). Some holistic ways to help achieve this are:

  • Gemstone energy
  • Aromatherapy, Infusions & Essential oil blends
  • Yoga

There is a Chakra movement upon us. Lately, it is seen in various forms such as yoga, and yoga athleticwear. It has also been seen in formats through sound bowl therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki and even healing gemstone methods. The critical importance of mental health and overall self care is being brought to the forefront…..thus, emerging is our Inner Beauty; over Outer Beauty. Its what’s behind the mask and inside the individual that makes beauty stand out. Confidence is key and Chakras can build on that. Try it and see the evolution within.

Karen D’Ambola, In beauty industry for over 22 years. A cosmetic chemist at heart, built up 4 plus Research & Development Laboratories, and ventured in to consulting for 8 years. An emerging B.Me Beauty product line which target building a routine to help accentuate and build your energy centers.; instagram: @b.bold.beautiful