We have to see the limit of thinking, the function of thinking to see the total picture of Existence.

Things do not happen as you wish. Thoughts, apprehensions do come to your mind, which you do not like. It means the ‘wishing entity’ is not in control. It means ‘wishing’ and ‘happening’ are related in a frictional mode. Can you feel this friction, this pain without any explanation? You are on the total ground, the Original ground.

Thought is a communication device, a device for expression. And not a deciding, acting or experiencing device. Can one see that thought and experiencing are separate. Put your hand in cold water. There is feeling in the body and brain. Now thought can express this feeling, it is not this feeling.

To see the total field of existence is the point. Senses see, touch, listen and so on, breathing in and out is going on, there is memory and imagination and thoughts arising in the mind. Anger, fear, anxiety, happiness are the expressions of Life to keep the mind alive. This is the format of Life. Can one see that there is nothing beyond this?

Let us be clear that experiencing is only in the moment, that is, ‘now’. All else is the field of the memory and imagination. The field of memory and imagination is fluid, where time and space do not exist. The field of senses and the field of memory and imagination is the total field, is the format of life, is the format of individual.

The Universe is an enclosed structure, enclosed by our being conscious, enclosed by the mind. You can not go beyond this.

Every sense has its separate limit. The limit of seeing is up to the point you can see. The limit of hearing is what you can hear. The limit of touching is what you can touch. The limit of smell is what you can smell.

We are enclosed by what our senses show. We can not go beyond. When we move, we move with our space, with our enclosure. Apart from this enclosure, everything is memory, imagination, thinking. Whatever may happen, this structure does not change. It means this structure is the Original.

Eyes see because the vision is ended at a point. Even in the sky, where we have nothing to see as end. An end as blueness is created as sky to see. If there is no enclosing factor, what the eyes will see? Nothing.

Similarly, ‘I’ is the limit of the mind, consciousness. ‘I’ is the enclosing factor.

‘I’ operates as ‘I’ relates to an object. ‘I’ and the outer, other is bound as a singular process, self-sustained process-the totality.

How material comes into existence?

This is a thought about material. Existence is Original. We are conscious and seeing, touching the material-is the Original. Experiencing is the Original. You can not go beyond experiencing. The world is dependent upon your being conscious of it. ‘You’ is bound to the world is the Original.

Continuous unpredictable change is the Truth.

What causes the change?

It is again a thought ‘about’ change. The inevitability of change silences the brain.

When you are hungry, only one thought that of food is there. When food goes inside the body and the processing starts, brain becomes ready for its function, that is, thoughts start generating. Including the thought of ‘you’, God, soul, creation. Thoughts arise because of life energy. Thought is entrapped in likes and dislikes. It loses contact with the energy from where it draws its sustenance.

The secret, the origin is in this energy and not what thoughts depict.

You can not find the Original as an object. As the investigation will always require a subject-object format. What ever comes before you including stars, galaxies and so on can not be the source. It is an object. It can have some use, function. To come to the source, the subject (you) is also to be included. To see that subject-object is a singular process rests all seeking.

Object-the world is seen by the subject-the observer, mind. Now there is no observer of the observer. There is nothing behind the observation. ‘Why there is no observer’ or ‘there may be an observer’ are all expressions, thoughts arising in the mind. When this is clearly noticed, subject-object is seen as a singular, complete, self-sustained process.