21- year-old Jesus Sauceda is a forex trader who’s helped hundreds of individuals across the world achieve their goals and in turn, gain financial freedom. 

In this article, we will learn how Jesus has overcome the stress that comes with being a trader and COVID-19. We will also look into certain principles that have helped him attain success as an individual.

Warding Off Stress

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand.

Jesus admits he’s experienced a good amount of stress back in the day before he created a proper trading plan structure. Apart from this, Jesus ensures that he doesn’t over-leverage his account and sets up proper risk management structures on how much he can trade in a lot size. And once he makes profit he restructures how much he will allow himself to be in a drawdown as he progresses in growing his account.

If he hits daily loss, he stops trading for the rest of the day and waits for the next day to re-analyze the market for new setups. “Adding stop loss and take profits also helps you go to sleep in peace.” – Jesus.

Some time ago, Jesus tested positive to COVID-19 and this made him less productive than he usually was. To overcome the virus, he ensured that he took enough Vitamin D, C, A, and B pills. He also got a lot of rest and drank a lot of electrolytes. He advises you to do this too.

“While you are providing all of the things above to your body you will become much better, and you will feel very ill throughout the process but you can still analyze the charts while in bed.” – Jesus.

Achieving Success

Success is an element that has fled the grasp of at least 90% percent on people who attempt trading the forex market.  In light of the topic of success, Jesus recommends a few tips that he has applied over the years. The first would be authenticity. 

Authenticity can be translated to “being your own self, and not following the crowd.” Most individuals these days try to mimic “successful” entrepreneurs they find on social media. Often forgetting that most of these entrepreneurs are either fake or just chasing clout. Jesus strongly advises that you create your own path.

The next thing Jesus advises you to do is to keep your circle small and be careful who you let into your life. A lot of people envy a man’s potential, especially when an individual is doing excellently in a particular industry.  

” If you feel like the people you are around are not bringing value into your circle then cut them off. Never doubt your potential, never stop believing in yourself.” – Jesus.

Jesus also shares that getting close to God at the beginning of his journey was the most important decision he made. He learned to be grateful for every day and be content with what he had.

“Whatever you want to make a reality you can manifest it.” – Jesus says. This is drawn from the Law of Attraction and Numerology.

Lastly, the aspect of failure in the market has led many people to drop the idea of trading as a whole. While this may scare the average individual, Jesus shares that failure is only a signal that you’re closer to success. Most people don’t know but Jesus blew his account every week for more than 2 years till he finally became profitable. 

But if you want to significantly reduce your rate of failure and elevate your skills faster, Jesus recommends that you backtest the market every weekend. Follow all of these and you’ll be well on your way!