Work Smarter not Harder

In the continuously evolving digital world, the excuse of limited resources for “Not trying” is unacceptable. We have examples of such individuals who have made their mark on the internet through their own effort. Aamir Ahmer, the cofounder at Doers Empire, is a trending example and motivation for those who really want to start their own ventures, especially in the online world. 

Doers Empire is a digital venture started by Aamir Ahmer in February 2018. With his hardworking nature, ability to work in team and passion for the growth, today Doers Empire is not only a brand in itself rather it is providing other businesses with the opportunities to brand and advertise themselves in the changing dynamics of the virtual reality. 

Doers Empire could be taken synonymous to the creation of an urge to do something, to be somewhere and to enlighten others. It is a platform that shares content, media, blog, and most importantly, “positivity” in the community. Branding and advertising, the two most important aspects of building reputation are amongst the various services that this business provides. Triggering entrepreneurship and focusing on digital marketing are fundamentals of Doers Empire. 

Born in August 1993, Aamir Ahmer is a hardworking individual. “We don’t get what we want; we get what we strive for,” with this belief in heart, he knew that he was going to do something different from others. Initially, he started working in a call center but even then, he knew that there would be a day when he would run his own business, and yes, that was actually true. Doers Empire is a practical implementation of it. Digital media was what grabbed his most attention, so he started learning digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing through YouTube as his only instructor. 

At the beginning of 2018, he felt that he knew enough to start up his own venture, this is when he floated the idea of Doers Empire with his friends, and they founded it as a cumulative effort. Initial days were tough where he had to continue his call center job, train his fellows, and manage the venture all alone. Over time, through the polished skills of the co-founders, Doers Empire managed to establish its reach across a larger audience. The role of social media and digital marketing was definitely important, in reaching this stage, along with his managerial skills. 

There is definitely no end to the growth of the business, especially when passion and teamwork are combined with the new technology and the latest reality of the marketing horizon. But this growth definitely requires constant up-gradation of knowledge and skill, and Aamir Ahmer realizes this fact.