The rate for the general SlumberPM Reviews population is much lower. People who endure this condition often do not even know they have it because the events occur during sleep and they do not remember the frequent waking when they get up for the day. Implementing an employee sleep disorder screening program can help detect these types of conditions. Currently there are no laws or policies that require this to be done. Companies themselves can put their own detection program in place and try to reduce the risk on their own.

How do you know if you are more at risk for developing this disorder. Common risk factors may help you determine if you are more likely to have it. It has been directly linked with being obese. Over half of the people who have sleep apnea are overweight. It is more common in men and can be more of a risk as you become older. Family members can be a warning sign. If other family members have developed apnea, you are more likely to have it. People that have small airways due to allergies or the shape of their nose, throat, or mouth are more at risk. This condition can be common in children that have enlarged tonsils. Some other risk factors are smoking, high blood pressure, and risk factors for heart problems such as stroke or heart failure.

Seeking medical help is your only option with this condition. They can tell you things to try that will alleviate some of the symptoms and will recommend you make health changes to deal with factors that could be attributing to it. A specialist will first take a look at your family and medical histories and perform a physical exam. Then they will perform the sleep test to monitor what is going on while you are asleep.

Results from the test along with all other information will be used to diagnose your condition and determine what treatments are available to you. Detecting sleep apnea and receiving treatment will help improve your physical health, sleep, and make you a safer and more productive driver for your company. Working as a pilot can mean long hours and flying at any time day or night.