Our dreams can live on the fringe of our mind, an abstract wish looming just out of arm’s reach while we carry on being bogged down with an unsatisfactory reality. Utilizing the power of intentional Lifestyle Design it’s possible to claim your dream and live the life you desire. You can create yourself and your environment, monetizing your passions and turning your visions into reality.

That’s exactly what Blogger turned Business Owner, Lidiya Kesarovska did when she decided that she didn’t want to aimlessly wander through life pursuing goals she didn’t really believe in, becoming another cog in the machine, or indulge in bad habits that gave her fleeting comfort.

Lidiya wanted something better for herself, but could feel the gap between where she wanted her life to be and where she currently was, but didn’t have the purpose or direction to push herself towards, until she found blogging and used it as the vessel to design her dream life.

Opening yourself up and designing your ideal life requires you to take a long, honest look at yourself and asking some really hard questions, but organizing those ideas and feelings into actionable goals is the hard first step necessary to claiming the freedom that we dream of. “We live in a world of free will, and that gives us the chance to create the ideal life for us.” Lidiya noted. “That means choosing how we want to spend our time, what work we want to do, and how often we want to travel. We can basically have everything we want if we take a step towards defining it today.”

Life Design works by defining your personal measure of happiness and success, and working your ass off to achieve it. It involves making conscious decisions that work in alignment with your goals, implementing strategies and developing daily habits that push you to grow toward that vision. Some of the questions that Lidiya asked herself included:

-Who do I want to be surrounded with in my ideal life?

-What will an average day look like?

-What will I work on? How will I spend my free time?

-What new skills will I learn and how will they help me expand my horizons, start a business or build a name for myself in a certain industry?

-How much money will I earn? How often will I travel or treat myself?

From this, Lidiya accepted the things she wrote down on her list and contemplated the sacrifices and parts of her current life that she would have to leave behind in order to progress down this path. Things like immediate “job security“, missing out on social events or indulging in things that didn’t serve her purpose. She also stressed the importance of letting go of your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. “Understand that whatever you have now and whoever you will become in the future is a result of every single decision you’ve taken throughout your life. The power of decision is stronger than we give it credit for, and the decisions you make today and every day from now on will change yourself and the world around you.” explained Lidiya.

Lidiya’s blog Let’s Reach Success started off as a creative outlet to explore and share the things she was learning about; personal development, productivity, spirituality, self-help, finance and more. Her passion for writing and understanding how to harness the Internet led her to learn about advertising revenue, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts; all different avenues for monetizing her content, and along with revenue from another side hustle doing freelance writing, Lidiya was able to move to Amsterdam and develop her ideal life as a digital nomad. She took the wins and the lessons learnt in stride, continuously optimizing her process and reinvesting her gains into courses that would further hone her skills.

As her blog continued to grow with the strategies she learned over the years, passively generating her full-time income consistently, Lidiya realized that her wealth of knowledge could be used to help other ambitious women like her who dreamed of creating their own destiny. With these goals in mind, she developed and launched her signature course, The Blog to Biz Program; aimed at giving people the strategies, tools and resources she learned and developed herself that would allow clients to design their own path to success.

Let’s Reach Success offers a vast mountain of knowledge, insight and strategy accumulated by Lidiya that will help you forge your own path forward. Connect with Lidiya on any of her social media platforms; LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to learn more about designing your own lifestyle of success.