There was a time very long back in my life when even an iota of inspiration from any corner would have created a huge difference.I was only three when I lost my father, and after that, we all have to go through a hell lot of difficulties. Despite all these, I was fortunate to have positive people in my life even back then, and they all inspired me (some even unknowingly).

I remember how difficult it was for my (late) mother,elder brother, and several others who stood with us(through thick and thin) to shoulder such a huge responsibility of putting things back on the rail from a totally derailed life where we even lost all our belongings through strange turn of events.Well, that was an old story.

Forced to leave the place we were living till then, my aunt and her family was kind enough to accommodate us.

The pleasant memories that I have now are “only” of those who were kind and considerate to us back then rather than those who would have made life, even more, tougher for us in various stages (of life) for what they did.

I still remember the very first relocation of my life after that life changing incident,i.e., moving in with our grandma to live with her at a beautiful place which is even featured in BBC for being one of the longest drive-in beaches in India and probably the world (Muzhappilangad)

Well, occasional irritants in the form of unfair people (I learnt in a hard way how important it is to keep dignitary unyielding distance from such people through various issues I was forced to go through from early 2000 period)  . However the fact being! difficult situations or difficulties forced to suffer might keep popping up in our “life” regularly to test us but how soon we realize such situations and people associated with that and re adjust our life to get back to a normal sailing from a rough sailing is what matters the most as I personally experienced in the above period!(Agree, It is easy to say this but to put it in practice it is a real challenge)

But all “those” will only be capable of doing one thing; just make hardships a bit more difficult.During difficult periods, however, generally speaking you are likely to find more and more people who are inspiring, supportive and kindhearted( Provided you have also taken time to align yourself with more and more positive people who inspires you and invested your time wisely to increase the number of such people in your network. Several names comes to my mind when I write this apart from some of my close family members , and I would also like to mention the name of my mentor who is also a friend, philosopher and guide to me right here and express my gratitude…Thank you P.S.Nambair sir for all the encouragement..There are some others as well whom I should have liked to mention and there are some who wouldn’t like to be named as well. Thank you all.)

If we can keep our faith and go ahead with life in a certain manner without inflicting pain on others even unknowingly then things would work out well under any circumstances. While you do this please make sure you identify the “real” trouble makers who are never going to be of any value and make sure to stay away from their path as far as possible.

Thanks to those who inspired me to live, because they made the difference by making those challenges enjoyable and created a desire to succeed in life back then.

Today,I enjoy being instrumental in inspiring others and take it up as my responsibility at this point in my life wherever possible.So I like to share inspirational stories from own experiences,Motivate People to achieve desirable results , Mentor startups ,Support entrepreneurs in whatever possible manner even beyond the scope of our current work as consultants at times.

 “Be a fountain, not a drain”

 #About us:Our work is based on the philosophy that whatever we do should also be meaningful and adding value to not just the industry but to the society as well.

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“Wrong things happen when you trust and worry about the wrong people.Embrace this fact.Don’t let the people who do so little for you, control so much of your feelings and emotions.Don’t make too much time for people who rarely make time for you, or who only make time for you when it’s convenient for them.Know your worth. Know the difference between what you’re getting from people and what you deserve, and stand your ground.It’s better to let them walk away from you, rather than all over you”(From the website