Today’s blog is inspired by the words ‘inspire me’…

People always talk about how others inspire them. Yeah ok! This is definitely true. I feel inspired every day! Inspired to not be the same person I used to be! Inspired to not react the same way as another. To learn to forgive and forget so as it doesn’t ride up my ass every day from memories I’d much prefer to forget… But mostly from watching others live their lives happy, content, doing what makes them happy and content.

It’s true. I don’t want to be like everyone else, working their asses off to get nowhere in the end but suffering from burnout… working to make a living but then so bloody tired all the time that they’re unable to get out there and live. How contradictive.

Now don’t get me wrong! I have worked all my life, first a mother and then Aged Care and Disability for approx 15 yrs or so. And of course still a mother and now a grandmother and omg! Even a great grandmother… Damn! I’M OLD!!! Shocked I love my life, I inspire to be the best version of me I could ever be! A friend told me the other day, yesterday actually, Thank You for being you. Well! I did try to be someone I’m not for others who didn’t like me being me and ya know how that Ended??? Yep! It’s so very tiring being a chameleon… Another bit of advice I’ve been giving out lately… Come as you are! If you try to change everything about you to please someone who doesn’t get you… Then you’re going about it the wrong way! Come as you are and if someone doesn’t like you, stiff cheese! If they don’t get you when you’re yourself then they can go get … Anyways ya know where I’m going with this!!

Why do so many people aspire to be someone other than they are? Why do they try so hard to be someone they’re not? To please others who really, honestly don’t care about anyone but themselves? Why can they not get satisfaction out of them by simply being themselves? My god! I guarantee when I walk out the door after a visit or even when someone walks out of my door after a visit, or a reading, they’re thinking totally different than when they first walked in… Mind you they could also be saying “Thank God she’s gone”… Either way, I live my life knowing what other’s think of me is none of my business… But what I think of myself is what makes me, me… and I’m my biggest fan! I’ve learnt to love myself, unconditionally… I inspire myself every day…

It doesn’t take much of an effort to tell someone they’re doing great! Or keep up the good work! try patting yourself on the back every now and then! For a job well done! Heck! No one else is going to do it for you… If you know you’re doing well, tell yourself… “You’re doing well”.

Ok! Now that I’ve inspired you to be the best version of yourself you possibly can be! You may want to treat yourself. Go out an buy yourself 1 thing only that makes YOU feel good! Something only you would understand the meaning behind. Or pamper yourself and get yourself a hair appt or get your nails done…

I’ve inspired you, so now I’d like you to Inspire me!

If you read this blog please go to my guestbook page and tell me, even just leave a smile… I don’t need your acknowledgment but just a smile will let me know I’ve inspired someone today, besides myself!

Thank you! Now you can all just Blog off! 


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