This year has been one of my most favorite years so far! I’d love to share some of the lessons learned in 2018 with you. But before I jump in, I’d like to share with you a couple of general patterns that I’ve noticed in the lives of others during this year.

The general vibe of 2018

Between the years 2012 and 2020, a window of new opportunities has opened. Each of these years has been challenging and shape-shifting so far. Without starting a discussion about timelines and awakening of humankind, I’d like to stress out that we’re in very exciting times when we can transform our lives.

During these years, you have an opportunity to escalate your inner growth as never before. Hand-in-hand with that comes integrating of unhealed aspects of you. Everything that you don’t like about yourself (and are not even aware of), emerges so that you can reassess it and move beyond that.

Thus it comes as no surprise that 2018, too, was a challenging year for many! Working as a life coach allows me to see the patterns and issues people experience. And I’ve been noticing that each of them is undergoing similar problems.

In 2018 some of those challenging issues were:

  • Finding the right place where you belong — the right relationships, cities (countries), jobs, friendships, etc.
  • Reevaluating romantic relationships — does your partner understand you? Can you see your future together? Are you on the same vibe? Can they see your true self? And can you see theirs?
  • Becoming financially independent — receiving the equal value for the value you give
  • Growing into your purpose — is your work in integrity with who you are? Do you feel you were born for more? Are you ready to step up and stand up for what you believe?

These are some of the reoccurring topics that I’ve worked on with my coaching clients. I’ve also noticed similar themes in others. At the beginning of 2018, I could feel new energy entering the world that has been urging lightworkers to step into their light.

If you’re a lightworker (and the chances are that you’re since I attract and guide mostly lightworkers), then know that it’s crucial for you to determine what kind of reality you want to live in.

Forge your new world and weave your dreams. Now is your time.

My 5 Lessons learned in 2018

1. Know when to slow down and speed up

Let’s start with some basic lessons learned this year — knowing when to slow down and speed up. Since 2017, I’ve started to work with the flow and cyclical nature of life more.

Sometimes, we may wish to be productive even if our minds and bodies tell us to slow down, but we push through anyway. However, pushing through things always takes its toll. The price can be an illness, burn-out, lower level of energies for an extended period or demotivation.

A much better approach is to honor where you’re at in the given moment and what the best you can do is. Yes, it may require a twist in plans or finding a completely new way, but eventually, it takes you somewhere better than you had imagined.

When you’re at the peak of your energies, ride the wave.

You’ve just entered the momentum, and thus your goals are easier to fulfill. When you’re at this state, pay attention to things that truly matter and don’t get distracted by unimportant matters.

2. The life is a motion of cycles

Earlier this year, I visited Hong Kong and China among many others. I also started rewriting my autobiography, Find Yourself, as I signed a publishing contract earlier. As I visited my friend in Hong Kong, I realized that it was 4,5 years since I first visited Hong Kong.

Back then, I too, just like that time, continued to China. And at that moment, I was working on my book which also shares what I’ve learned in China. I couldn’t help myself but wonder about the miracle of how the life works. It all became very apparent to me that we always move in cycles through life.

Sometimes these cycles can be long, so we lose the sight of them. I also understood that we move through multiple cycles at once. Some of them are longer while others are shorter. For me, this year was a big closure to a series of long cycles. Within those cycles, we work on specific lessons — read more in the next lesson learned.

3. You always learn the lesson

You always learn the lessons is another of the lessons learned in 2018. After I finished an 11-day hike in the Himalayas earlier this year, a sudden realization washed over me. I call it a God’s grace for lack of better expression.

In that divine moment, as I was writing the last chapter of my book, I knew and fully understood the 7-year cycle I was in. Right there, in the dusty roads, I realized what the master lesson was and also that it was over.

Additionally, I could see that when the cycle stops, the master lesson is revealed to us. Now, what do I mean by the master lesson? For each of the cycles, there is a one master lesson that sets the blueprint for the whole cycle.

Then there are myriad of smaller lessons streaming from the master lesson. The smaller lessons (doesn’t necessarily means easier) are possible to understand as we go through the cycle. However, the master lesson is revealed after the whole cycle finishes.

4. Remembrance and answers

Along with the previous lessons learned comes the understanding that we always receive the answers. I don’t know how about you, but for my clients and me too, this year has revealed many answers.

This year has also brought remembrance of ancient past and the history of the soul to many.

Many have captured fragments of information of who they are. Even if they already knew (like in my case), the remembering has exposed something unexpected and even deeper. The answers with remembrance have been coming the whole year. It feels like putting pieces of a big puzzle together.

Especially those lightworkers who work with others (like healers, coaches, therapeutists) have been gifted with remembering the ancient memories.

5. The heart must be purified

The heart chakra is one of the most precious assets we have. As you spiritually awaken, your heart chakra, too, awakens. The spiritual heart is the direct line to the divine. Since the awakening, you are never lost again even though you might not always realize the higher plans of life.

However, together with small resentments, occasional worries, or misunderstanding with others, a layer upon layer settles in the heart.

If we don’t take time for proper healing, clearing, and tuning into the heart chakra (because we’re too busy with the “important” stuff), the heart slowly shuts down.

Webs of dust and little islands of pain form a firm coat over the heart. Together with that, the illusion of separation may set in. The joy may escape your life. You may get lost in the real world with endless to-do lists and no magic. This way of living is no fun. Thus, it’s paramount to take care of your heart.

These are my 5 lessons learned in 2018. However, this year has gifted me with so much more. When I wrote the list of the lessons learned for myself first, I wrote a couple of pages. Yet I believe that these lessons are the most relatable, while the others might be too metaphysical, but they’ve been the lessons my heart has craved for many years.

Perhaps, for you, too, this year marked an opening to something beyond your previous existence. Maybe you can, too, feel that new doors have been open and that anything is possible. Allow yourself to remember!

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