There are very few people from Eastern Nepal to do great things and achieve great milestones that many people who are struggling to get it hard then they haven’t achieved yet.

Raju Dangal is a permanent resident of Jhapa, Nepal and is 28 years old. He is a popular Nepali RnB/pop singer in his area as well as in many places of Nepal. As he is also a music composer and creates his own new things on the music. He is not only an RnB singer but also a music composer, arranger, videographer and entrepreneurs. He has won OS Music Award for the best male debut male singer for his song “Lagcha Maya Timro” and has been nominated for Image Awards. He always looks forward to opening new horizons with his music. He’s already a well-known Rnb/Pop singer and songwriter in his homeland of Nepal. Despite this, the latest song he’s promoting got some type of Folk influence, keeping up with the same level as the current hits “Madal Bajyo” on his new Dance-Pop charts.

In his childhood Raju used to play the guitar and compose music, later on, he also started to write a song and arrange music.

This eventual transformation from a shy boy to extrovert adolescent also brought mutability in his areas of interest. He soon started to listen to Narayan Gopal, Nabin K Bhattrai, Nepathya and other Nepali singers and Gazalkars that made him appear in different school functions, gatherings, and fetes. Praises received at that time laid the foundation for his musical career.

Raju spent his entire childhood in Jhapa in his complete introversion. ‘I was very shy and never showed up on stage until my 9th standard. Slowly, I pushed myself into social gatherings more and started to wander in narrow to wide lanes and pathways of Jhapa. Raju feels he had nothing besides himself to rely upon, so poetry and eventually songwriting became his main thing dig at something of poems and then poems to Composition of songs and that to gain a piece of pop music and he has more plans for still doing more, giving more at Nepali RnB and Pop.

There’s always something which had apprehended him to play the guitar, write the lyrics to sing. It was his emotion, feeling and self-awareness that motivates him to perform or write a song. These days he has my entire focus only at pop music line even more.

He entered into Nepali music industry with his first single “Timi Bina” which was not so successful but “Lagcha Maya Timro” is his most ambitious project yet, which now has Hundred thousands Youtube views! It’s helped him to gain recognition and success in the Nepali Music industry — fusing the mind of a storyteller and producer together to create a romantic love tale of survival. His hobbies include listening to music, watching television and playing the guitar. He also reads novels of Laxmi Prasad Devkota and Dhurba Chandra Gautam. His favourite Nepali Singers are Narayan Gopal, Bhakta Raj Acharya, Ambar Gurung, Nabin K Bhattrai, Sur Sudha, Sanjay Shrestha. Good music all around influences him a lot. Raju Dangal is one among few Nepali singers who have actively been participating in lots of stage shows. “From “nothing” to “something” and “something” to now again” More than that ” this feeling of self-manual realization and aim of executing something at Nepali music had been his strength.”

He has already released two musical albums, including 25 songs yet & has done featured with several famous Nepali artists like Melina Rai. Raju Dangal is the one among few Nepali singers who is continuously giving a hit number from the beginning of his carrier till now. Dangal is popular for his versatile singing. He will be using his singing talent in a different genre. He, therefore, was able to get a lot of rewards including ‘Hits Alakatrey New Best Artist Award’, ’Hits FM Best Male Vocal Pop, Top 1 Pop Singer and Album of the Year Timi Bina at 11th anniversary of Pathibhara FM “Countdown” and lot more. His voice proved to be a great boon to the Nepali music.


  • Prakash Neupane is a singer, writer, poet and rap artist from Nepal. He is also engaged in writing, blogging and journalism.