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There are so many inspiring women in this world of ours! Today, I thought I´d bring you two role models in my life…

Be Like Betty

I was at a one-day writing retreat this week and I met the nicest woman. Her name is Betty. I want to be like Betty. Betty is 88 years young and is a regular at these monthly writing retreats hosted by Andrea Constantine & Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing.

Betty is writing her memoir, and just from what I gathered in the little bit of conversation that was had, she has some incredible stories to tell. One of my favorites was when she was flying a small airplane, solo, from Golden to Colorado Springs. She was scared to do it, but she did it anyway, and once up in the air she said to herself while looking down “Betty, what the hell are you doing flying this little airplane all by yourself – you should be home knitting!” She then admitted that she didn’t know how to knit and had absolutely no desire to learn.

Betty has kicked cancer’s ass four times. She loves to learn. She loves to meet new people and she loves to share her stories. I told her I was so inspired by her and her desire to keep learning and growing. I told her I wanted to be just like her. She just laughed.

And Marilyn….

Marilyn is my dear friend Janet’s Mom. She’s the only Mom left for the six of us gals in our posse. Marilyn is 92 years young. She is a treasure. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Marilyn say a bad word about anyone – and if she does get irritated, she shrugs her shoulders and chuckles. She has the most positive attitude around.

Marilyn loves to meet new people, but she really loves dogs. She still loves to learn, too. Up until a few years ago she would audit classes at DU, just for the enjoyment of learning. Every Sunday she listens to a live streamed performance of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with her son, Bill. Marilyn used to be a flight attendant for United, until she got married – then she had to quit. No married flight attendants allowed. Amazing.

Marilyn had a knee replacement a few years ago and bounced back beautifully. She lived alone until last year. I just got off the phone with Marilyn and I told her that I was writing about her because she inspires me, and when I told her I wanted to be just like her, she just laughed too.

Talk about inspiring women! 

I’m just getting started…

So, you see, I have some great role models. It is so motivating to meet and know these articulate, knowledgeable, funny, kind and amazingly inspiring women. They give me so much to strive for and they certainly help me keep my age in perspective. Both of these astonishing women have the attitude that age is only a number – so I’m here to tell you – I’m just getting started!!!

Do you know any inspiring women? Who are your role models? What do they inspire in you?

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