1) how did you start this page and what has it been about for you guys?

Our admiration for luxury prompted us to start this page. we wanted to create a community of people who admire the luxurious lifestyle and understand that it’s not just about the money but about the lifestyle.

2) What were the most effective methods you used and are they still working today?

Collaborations are the best method to grow your page and it will always work, we have been able to collaborate with influencers from all across the globe and been exposed to their uniquely creative content.

3) What has this page led to beyond IG?

Over the time we have been able to create an exclusive group of high net worth individuals called Trillion circle members to showcase luxury and showcase the best luxury products the market has to offer. Outside of instagram our connections have helped us to step into the Luxury Real estate market in the United States and India.

4) How do you guys maximize and maintain these relationships you built on IG?

Trillion circle memberships are by invitation only, we believe in having a close and connected circle that is beneficial to both sides.

6) What are your plans moving forward?

We are expanding our real estate business of showcasing, buying and selling luxury real estate. You can soon expect to see exclusive partnerships with Luxury real estate developers coming up.
You will see the quality of our content only go up and perhaps an entry to the clothing market. (Not gonna spill too many beans just yet)

7) who can benefit most from the page and why?

We want our followers to feel motivated and inspired. By showcasing the best this world of luxury has to offer in the palm of everyone’s hands.
Apart from that our page is most beneficial for Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. The ultra high networth individuals can grow their social media goodwill.

8) What do you suggest to other luxury accounts?

To be consistent while posting and focus on Quality than Quantity of posts.
Though posting more will help you grow more with faster speed, you will have to think about your current followers and provide them the best and the most unique content that you can.

9) What do you suggest to igers starting now?

We’ve been asked this Questions many times and our answer has always been the same “When you start a page don’t focus on followers and likes, focus on Quality content and stay consistent even if you don’t grow in the beginning. you will eventually see the growth if you stay consistent.
Quality content= Quality followers

10) Whats one thing you hope positive this page will cause in the world?

The life of luxury is often criticized by the world, However, we would like to motivate and enlighten people more about the luxury lifestyle so that they aspire and work hard to achieve the goals of their life and “N”

11) Whats a hack no one knows?

In todays digital age everyone knows how things work. However, Its not about what you know, its about what you do with what you know.
A healthy would be to use all the 30 hashtags that you can (Related to the photo) and make a good use of tagging the geo location of the photo.

12) Whats your main secret to success?

Constantly posting while focusing on the bigger picture.


  • Moshe Reuven Sheradsky

    Founder & CEO


    BH: Moshe Reuven is a serial entrepreneur & artist with 1.2 Million Followers. A Tech  Founder, Writer for Live Kabbalah, Featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX, Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Blerrp, Medium, Authority Magazine, & more. Moshe blends both the physical and spiritual worlds, writing on how spiritual matters are relevant to the physical and how physical matters are relevant to the spiritual. Moshe enjoys taking interviews with success stories, such as the former CEO of Apple, CEO of Trello, CEO of Udemy, and the like, writing about them in a way that we can all learn from them. Moshe is an Advisor on USF's Digital Marketing Board of Advisors. He is a 2x CMO with backgrounds in Accounting, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Humanities, and Entrepreneurship. Moshe's Tech Startup, WeDu, has been identified by Inc Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies and a potential honoree of the Inc 5000.