Success is not the outcome of some enigmatic or esoteric tactics but discipline and a positive mindset. Instagram sensation Danielle Gray aka AJ Applegate, shares how a positive attitude is a roadway to success. 

The power of the positive

AJ shares how it’s all about the way you behave. She says, “You definitely need to have a good mindset and put 110% into whatever you’re doing. If you don’t, it’s just a waste of time and money. If you really believe in something, you will make it succeed.”

Positivity brings good business

It always pays to be optimistic as a professional, whether one is an entrepreneur or an employee. AJ further explains, “As an entrepreneur, whatever product you’re pushing, you always want to make it friendly to both men and women. That’s the crux of showing them you are a good, positive, caring person. You don’t want to stick yourself to one market. You need to believe in your brand to be able to make it successful.” When asked how a positive mindset helps when the going gets tough, she says, “Even in the beginning, when it’s hard starting out, you have to keep pushing and have patience. That’s being positive no matter what, but taking the necessary steps to trudge ahead with a cool, clear mindset. And there cannot be clarity when your mind is shrouded with clouds of anger or dismay. It’s all about patience and consistency at the end of the day.”

Tackling challenges

One of the great things that a positive mindset does is it makes you capable of turning challenges into opportunities. AJ shares, “It’s about keeping at it. Especially for someone like me who gets a lot of stigma for what I do. You never know if it’s going to be successful or if people are going to look at you like a joke. What helps me sail through all of it is a positive mindset. It keeps me like a feather letting me fly through with minimum friction.”

About fear

Being positive gives you the power to face fear directly. AJ advises, “I believe that when we’re fearful of something, it’s a challenge that we should counter head-on and take control. Fear is what can make you stronger.”

Aside from being an Instagram star, AJ runs her own successful merchandise line. She attributes her never-give-up attitude and positive mindset for all her successes.